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July 2018

Fix Netflix Black Screen Issue
Have you ever encountered the annoying situation that, when you are ready to relax by indulging in Netflix, you open your favorite video but the screen is black while the audio plays? Many Netflix us Read More >
Activate YouTube Dark Theme on Desktop
It is relaxing to crouch on the sofa, watching YouTube videos on a Friday evening, especially with the dim light inside while the rain sound outside. But, here is a problem: after you turn off the li Read More >
Facetime Homepage
FaceTime is a built-in video and audio calling app developed by Apple. It is updated in new iOS 12 and masOS Mojave with a newly-added function of group FaceTime call with up to 32 participants at on Read More >
Encompassing Network
When it comes to the internet, we have a tendency to think about it as all-encompassing, worldwide phenomenon that transcends the boundaries that we have imposed upon ourselves within the world. It i Read More >
POS System
In this marvelous age of the technology the POS system takes its rightful place as a highly useful tool in managing any type of business, a fast business requires fast technology with solid action an Read More >
Adorable Baby
Imagine this: when your adorable baby learns to stand up for the first time, you want to record this unforgettable moment, or when your naughty cat is playing with a ball of wool, you would like to t Read More >
Note Scanner
Are you still painfully buried in a pile of physical paper documents? Are you still compelled to enter the invoice' s information into a computer manually because there is no scanner available at hom Read More >
Recording Screen
After the release of FonePaw screen recorder for Mac, the version for Windows users is also available. Apart from the friendly interface shared by both versions, what highlights does it have and how Read More >
SMS on Computer
Imagine that when you are concentrating on the work on your computer, a text message ringtone from your mobile phone attracts your attention; then you have to pick up your phone to check the text mes Read More >
FonePaw Screen Recorder for Mac
Yesterday, FonePaw released a new screen recorder for Mac: the FonePaw Screen Recorder for Mac 1.0.6 version. What is this screen recorder like and how is it different from other screen recorders tha Read More >
Portugal Flag
Portuguese is one of the most fascinating languages in the world. Apart from it being the 6th most spoken language on our planet, it is also the official state language of more than seven countries! Read More >
If you are active in the social networking site, it is not hard to notice that Instagram recently launched its new devoted video app, IGTV. What exactly it is and how to use it are probably the most Read More >