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Top 3 apps for learning Portuguese

By FonePaw | Jul 05 , 2018

Portuguese is one of the most fascinating languages in the world. Apart from it being the 6th most spoken language on our planet, it is also the official state language of more than seven countries! Taking into consideration the fast-growing information and communication technology industry of Portugal and its convenient business environment for foreign entrepreneurs, the reason for the increasing importance of knowing the Portuguese language becomes quite understandable.


In everyday fuss and buzz, it is hard sometimes to devote a lot of your time to proper language learning. That is why the impressive abundance of applications for learning foreign languages has appeared on the Internet market during the last few years. So, what apps to use when learning Portuguese? Let’s find out.


Portugal Flag


1. Memrise

When studying Portuguese or any other foreign language, sooner or later the question arises of the most effective way of memorizing words and expressions. Memrise is primarily a unique learning application that uses the most advanced techniques of working with memory in order to help users remember information faster and more efficiently than with any other method. Let's see how it works and why it is one of the most sufficient apps for learning the Portuguese language.


Portuguese Language


For better memorization of each word or expression, Memes are created. This term was introduced by the creators of Memrise to determine what you associate with the memorized word. It can be an image – a picture, a photograph, an etymology, a description, examples of sentences, a video. Anything to help you build an associative array for fast and reliable word memorization. It is important to remember that understanding grammar and vocabulary in context is the best way to plunge into the language environment if you don't live in Portugal.


Supported operating system: iOS and Android.
Cost: starting at 9 dollars per month, with 7 days'free trial.
Curious features:

  • Memrise also holds a convenient online platform.
  • The application provides Beginner-Advanced learning system.
  • Use chatbots to master your conversational fluency.
  • Regular testing of your knowledge with the help of humorous games and conversations.
  • Memrise won the 2017 Google Play Awards nomination 'Best App'.


2. Babbel

More and more people in our busy world prefer to learn foreign languages on their own. For instance, some experienced entrepreneurs take online Portuguese lessons before starting a business in Portugal. In that case, such application as Babel may come in handy. It has approximately 14 million users and wide staff of skillful professionals.


With the help of short training sessions, guided by native specialists, you can obtain a decent knowledge of Portuguese vocabulary (illustrated dictionary included), specific grammar rules, and improve your pronunciation. As for the latter, a unique tool for the recognition of speech was invented.


Portuguese Learning App


You may also select a personal studying program with the most suitable pace and intensity of training for yourself. The app provides an opportunity to learn chosen foreign language from Beginner to Advanced levels. Thanks to all of the above, Babbel is regarded as one of the best apps for learning Portuguese.


Supported operating system: Android and iOS.
Cost: starting at $12.95 a month, with a 20-day money-back guarantee.
Curious features:

  • The possibility to learn Portuguese with your family members (convenient adaptation for everyone is guaranteed).
  • Constant revisions of your knowledge.
  • A synchronization function between different devices (PC, smartphone, tablet) for those who often switch them.
  • Comprehensible explanation of dissimilarities between European and Brazilian versions of Portuguese language, which is especially helpful for beginners.


3. Duolingo

The basis of this simple free service for learning foreign languages is organized in a game form. With its help, you can learn the basic Portuguese vocabulary on such topics as 'family', 'house' (which, by the way, are two the most important themes in the life of every Portugal resident), and others. In addition, you are trained to build simple grammatical constructions. The service has exercises for listening and pronunciation, but it is designed primarily for grasping the basics of Portuguese grammar and vocabulary. The lessons are carried out with the use of visualization method as well as flashcards.
Besides the user-friendly interface and easy-to-understand system of lessons, Duolingo offers a well-guided learning structure so you might not be worried about losing your way to mastering lexicon of Portugal. Due to the presented features, Duolingo is actually one of the greatest apps to use when learning Portuguese.


Supported operating system: iOS and Android.
Cost: free, with the ability to get Duolingo Plus paid subscription for $9,99 per month.
Curious features:

  • Duolingo Plus users do not see ads in the application and can download lessons to work on without network access.
  • The app supports the function of recording and displaying your studying progress.
  • Brief lessons ensuring no need to overload the student with Portuguese lexis and grammar rules.
  • A system of gaining bonus lingots for regular classes (thus you can purchase, for instance, an extended Portuguese language knowledge test).
  • Duolingo was the Google Play award winner in 2015 in 'Play & Learning' category.


Language Learning


Certainly, all of these apps for learning the Portuguese language will make the studying process more fun and much easier. But without complete immersion into language environment, there would probably be no remarkable success. One of the most appropriate ways of doing so is taking lessons from a native speaker. Luckily, there are over 630 certified Portuguese tutors at that will gladly assist you in your journey. Boa sorte!

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