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How to Transfer Android Files with NFC

By FonePaw | Feb 03 , 2018

It is available to transfer files via different tools, for example, Bluetooth, Wi-Fi, OTG, and so on. However, not all of them fully support transferring Android large files. Or some performs slowly when transferring. Here, we are introducing NFC, which allows you to transfer both Android large files (videos for example) and small amounts of data such as text messages quickly and easily.


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Transfer Android Files with NFC

1. Check NFC Support
Before starting the task, you should make sure that both devices support NFC. To check NFC support, please follow steps as below:


Go to "Settings" on Android > Under "Wireless & Networks", tap "Share & connect". Operations vary with a different device. In some devices, you should be required to tap "More" so as to find the "NFC" option.


When you see the option "NFC", enable it so as to allow data exchange. Then redo the process on another Android device and check NFC support. If you don't see NFC, your Android phone probably isn't equipped with NFC hardware.


Enable NFC on Android


2. Transfer Files via Touch to Beam
Now, go to your Android phone and open content you want to share with a suitable app. For example, to open a web page of the FonePaw blog, you can open it in Chrome. Place the two devices back to back and move them until you hear the sound of detecting. Tap the content to beam the file. The web page will be open on the other device immediately.


Send Files Using Android Beam


Extra Tip: Transfer Android Large Files with NFC Manually
Or you can tap the Share button to transfer the files manually.


Open Content to Share


You should receive a pop-up note as below. Please choose to share via "Android Beam". Then hold devices together to complete data transfer.


Transfer Contents via NFC


With NFC technology, you can also transfer videos, photos, apps, contacts, and more. Just open the content and share it.

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