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[Most-Viewed] Top 10 Articles of 2017 on FonePaw Blog

By FonePaw | Jan 18 , 2018

As a new and friendly tech information blog, FonePaw Blog sticks to coming out with helpful and free methods to get your puzzle and trouble solved as well as tips and tricks to bring you to a new stage.


With lucid and elaborate posts, FonePaw Blog now boasts a population of over 5 thousand readers per month. Your support makes all the efforts worthwhile. 2017 is already written into history, and I'd like to reflect on some of the most viewed hits on FonePaw Blog. Now, let's look at the year of 2017 in review.


TOP 1: iPhone Cannot Play Videos? Here's How to Fix!
There is no doubt that iPhone brings a great nuisance to a great number of users that video won't open on the device. Some fail to play videos on apps like YouTube, Facebook, and so on, others hit this snag when playing videos right on the iPhone in Camera Roll or in Videos app. In order to solve such an annoyance, there are respectively about 5 solutions in accordance with each case.


Videos Won't Open


TOP 2: iOS Devices: Cannot Get Mail–The Connection to the Server Failed
iPhone/iPad users receive an error - "Cannot Get Mail. The connection to the server failed" when trying to access the Mail app. For those who get used to dealing with business through mails, that has become a great trouble. Here, you have four ways to get yourself out of trouble.


iPhone Mail Connection Problem


TOP 3: Ways to Transfer WhatsApp Messages from iPhone to iPhone
Being the most popular social app around the world, problems related to WhatsApp has been reported by far. One of which is WhatsApp data transfer between iPhones. Due to reasons, people will upgrade to another iPhone and request to transfer WhatsApp chats along the way. There are four ways for your consideration. What you should do is to pick up your favorite and carry out it.


Phone to Phone Communication by WhatsApp


TOP 4: [Ultimate Guide] Tips and Tricks for Your iPhone and iPad
Knowing that most people are not even familiar with features on their very own iPhone and iPad, FonePaw Blog has come out with an in-depth guide on tips and tricks for iPhone/iPad, which has so far received inspiring compliments. Tips are covering a large range including settings and default apps. If you're interested, click the link and begin your trip.


iPhone Tips and Tricks


TOP 5: [Ultimate Guide] iPhone Camera Makes Masterpiece
There was a mail lying in my inbox asking me to write tutorials concerning iPhone camera and photography, and I say to myself - why not? Since a majority of our readers are interested in iPhone stuff, I'm more than glad to come out with such a good topic. Then, here they come in terms of lenses, exposure, focus, HDR, lighting, and so on.


Depth of Field


TOP 6: [Solved] Let's Fix YouTube Black Screen Problem
Have you ever stumped by the black screen problem on YouTube? Then, you must give it a go and look at this guide, which provides feasible solutions according to 6 causes. After reading this post, you will find it a cinch to solve this issue.


Black Screen on YouTube


TOP 7: How to Fix Choppy YouTube Video Steaming Playback
YouTube is also a troublemaker. Some have reported that YouTube videos seem choppy, jerky, skippy and something like that. This is making nuisances and stops users from enjoying videos with YouTube. If you're wondering why it happens and how to solve it, this post meets your demand.s


Choppy YouTube Videos


TOP 8: How to Block YouTube Ads on Chrome/Firefox/Safari
A world without advertisements will certainly be much pleasing. Ads are really distracting when you're watching videos on YouTube. Over hundreds of thousands of users are searching for ways to get away from annoying YouTube ads and this post is going to show you 4 workarounds to block YouTube Ads on different browsers.


Download YouTube Videos


TOP 9: Solutions of OTG Failing to Recognize USB
If you have trouble with OTG failing to recognize USB cables, this post is the right place to go. This post will analyze why this is happening and put forward workable ways to get it fixed.


Connect Android to OTG


TOP 10: [Solved] How to Recover Snapchat Photos/Videos
Is there any possible way to get Snapchat images and videos back? I'm sure many people have such a misgiving in mind. Be it Android or iPhone, there is an intuitive and authentic solution. What you need is to give it a click.


Snapchat Home Screen


Let me know your thoughts if you have anything to share with me. Thanks for your support to FonePaw. If you like this post, why not share it with your family and friends?

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