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Panorama: Use it to Take Creative and Spectacular Photographs

By FonePaw | Jan 09 , 2018

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Speaking of panorama, you must regard it as a feature that barely comes useful. And, that's really true. People seldom photograph panorama photos in daily. Moreover, panorama photos are meant to display a magnificent and incredible picture rather than daily scenarios.


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In the past, people depend on advanced digital cameras as to capture a panorama with a whole spectacular view. Today, what we need is just a portable iPhone. iPhone panorama has been improved after iteration and iteration. As opposed to a regular photo, a creative panorama photo is able to draw more attention and knock audience dead.


However, Panorama mode in iPhone is in fact taking a series of picture and then stitching together. It's basically the composition of images. Since the process is all done when you're taking a panorama and moving the iPhone along the way, that requires you to keep a great stability, or the photo would seem distorted and unnatural. Therefore, there are some notes to which you should pay attention when capturing panorama photos:


1. Keep stable and balance when moving the iPhone camera horizontally or vertically.
2. Avoid capturing moving or dynamic objects in the scene.
3. Finish photographing a panorama at once without any hesitation.


iPhone Panorama


When it comes to panorama, the first scenario that occurs to your mind must be a picturesque view. However, panorama can be applied to more scenes apart from taking scenery pictures. Here I'd like to introduce two iPhone panorama tips and tricks to you.


1. Try it Vertically
Normally, most people get used to shooting a panorama horizontally. However, why don't you just try it vertically? You may be able to discover a new world when you look at it at a different angle. Let's take a look at this image from Apple. It pictures a man standing inside a cave as he gazes into the distance. With backlight, it somehow evokes a profound feeling of something and nothing.


Vertically Capture a Panorama


2. Yous in A Scene
As mentioned above, a panorama image is actually composed of consecutive photos and the process is stoppable. Therefore, we can make use of that and capture multiple but same subject in a panorama. For example, you can have a picture of many yous just like this one.


A Picture of Yous


That's funny, right? Practices speak louder than words. Why don't you give it a shot on your own. If you have any incredible artwork, I'd appreciate that you share it with us.

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