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[Fix] YouTube Video Won't Play

By FonePaw | Jan 22 , 2018

Many people complain that "YouTube videos won't play" on Chrome, Safari, IE, Firefox or mobile devices like iPhone, iPad, and Android. Similar complaints include "YouTube video doesn't start", "YouTube video won't work", "YouTube can't load videos" and so on.

YouTube Wont Play


In this article, we try to find out the possible causes that why YouTube videos won't play. Of course, we also gather some solutions to fix this problem. Just keep on reading.

Why YouTube Videos Won't Play/Load/Work

Internet connection: The first thing you should check is your internet connection. If you don't have fast enough internet connection to watch videos on YouTube, you have to spend time waiting for a video to buffer.


  • Close down any other applications that may be using the Web to free up bandwidth and use a speed-testing tool to verify you are using a fast enough connection.
  • Use the change quality button to switch to a lower quality stream.
  • Use VidPaw Downloader to download YouTube videos and save them on your PC without buffering while watching.


Browser cache: The "browser cache" is another possible reason for sluggish YouTube video loading/buffering, dotted circle or some other similar phenomena, because when the memory is full of "temporary internet files'', it will hold you up greatly.



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Adobe Flash Player: Most YouTube videos require Adobe Flash Player plugin to be watched in a browser.


Usually, if you have problems with Flash Player, YouTube informs you about them and offers to install the latest version.


Firewalls: It is doubtful that your firewall or another security tool is blocking access to YouTube.


Check within your installed security software to make sure that YouTube is listed as an authorized website that is allowed to operate without interference.


JavaScript: Without JavaScript YouTube would be pretty crappy, because several YouTube components work without reloading the page and require JavaScript.


How to enable JavaScript in your browser


YouTube stops to support aging devices: According to The Verge, YouTube will stop working on the older Apple TV and other aging devices. The list of devices includes older TVs and Blu-ray disc players from Sony and Panasonic, Google TV devices running version 3 or 4, game consoles without support for Adobe Flash or HTML5, along with iOS devices running anything less than iOS 7.

Solution: You have no choice but to upgrade your devices.


Summary: How to Make YouTube Work

Step 1. Check internet connection

Step 2. Clean browse cache and update your browser to the latest version

Step 3. Make sure you have installed the latest version of Adobe Flash Player

Step 4. Make sure that YouTube is listed as trusted web without the interference of Firewalls or other security tools.

Step 5. Enable JavaScript

Step 6. Check if your device is not supported by YouTube


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6 year before

have the same problem

6 year before

Nice post and this tutorial has helped me a lot before. But the other day, this problem reappeared. Although I have updated all my software, changed another network, clear cache and so forth, YouTube still won't play. But finally, I found this one and it helps out of this annoying problem. If someone else has the same trouble. You can have a check.

Smith Thomas
Smith Thomas
5 year before

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