If Videos Are Not Playing on Firefox, Check Out These Solutions

By FonePaw | Mar 15 , 2018

Watching videos is the main way of entertainment for most of us. We laugh, relax and relieve the stress through videos on YouTube, Vevo, Facebook, Tumblr, Vimeo, and others. However, if you're using Mozilla Firefox, an unexpected headache may come to you - Firefox is Not Playing Videos.


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That's really a frustrating trouble. If you're in trouble with this Firefox not playing videos issue, please calm down and let me show you the ways to resolve this annoyance. SIX solutions have been put forward so far, and you should definitely learn your way around them.


Workaround 1: Keep Mozilla Firefox Up to Date
Workaround 2: Disable Hardware Acceleration in Flash
Workaround 3: Turn off Flash Protected Mode
Workaround 4: Update Adobe Flash Player
Workaround 5: Update Graphics Driver
Workaround 6: Use Chrome/Safari Instead


Workaround 1: Keep Mozilla Firefox Up to Date

The simplest workaround is to make sure that your Mozilla Firefox has been updated to the latest version. If this problem is affecting many users, Mozilla developers must be working on solving it. Please go to "" and select "Options". Now, scroll down to the "Firefox Updates" section and make sure that your "Firefox is up to date".


Keep Firefox Up to Date


Workaround 2: Disable Hardware Acceleration in Flash

You should try turning off hardware acceleration in Flash. Sometimes hardware acceleration makes nuisances to users. You can disable it and see whether videos are playing now. Here are the steps.
STEP 1. Redirect to this Adobe Flash Player Help page.
STEP 2. Right-click on the "Flash Player logo" on the page and select "Settings" in the context menu.
STEP 3. Open the "Display" panel via clicking the lower left icon.
STEP 4. Uncheck "Enable hardware acceleration".
STEP 5. Now, gives Firefox a fresh tune up.


Disable Hardware Acceleration


Workaround 3: Turn off Flash Protected Mode

Protected mode is an Adobe Flash security feature that is enabled by default. However, it's reported to cause annoying troubles somehow. To turn it off, you can follow the steps here.
STEP 1. Go to "≡" and click "Add-ons".
STEP 2. Switch to the "Plugins" tab.
STEP 3. Uncheck "Block dangerous and intrusive Flash content".
STEP 4. Reopen Mozilla Firefox.


Disable Protected Mode


Workaround 4: Update Adobe Flash Player

Also, an outdated Adobe Flash Player leads to troubles all the time, so you should really make sure that Adobe Flash Player is up to date. Actually, where there is an update, there is a prompt from Adobe. You might as well head to Adobe's official site and check for an update. Otherwise, it's also recommended to reinstall Adobe Flash Player.


Adobe Flash Player


Workaround 5: Update Graphics Driver

Firefox can use your computer's graphics processor to speed up the display of some pages with video and animation, which is called hardware acceleration, and to display WebGL content. However, an outdated graphics drivers make videos not playing on Firefox. You may keep the drive up to date as well. You can also install a generic graphics driver from your graphics card manufacturer's website. These are usually kept up-to-date and are designed to work on a variety of systems:


Workaround 6: Use Chrome/Safari Instead

If the problem persists, you may consider using alternatives to Mozilla Firefox, such as Google Chrome, Internet Explorer or Safari (if using a Mac). Also, you may completely delete Firefox and then reinstall it again to see whether this works for you.


Use Chrome Alternatives


Hope these methods work for you. I'd be glad if my solutions help you out. Don't forget to share this post with your beloved friends if they need help as well. Thanks for your reading.


  • Moltres Rider

    Tried all these. Facebook videos still do not play 🙁

  • Bella James

    uninstall, redownload. tired, use wonderfox free hd video converter to download videos for offline playback

  • Tony

    Wake up some of your steps pertain to Chrome not Firefox -stop dmoking your socks

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