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[Resolved] How to Export iTunes Playlist

By FonePaw | Jan 21 , 2018

This tutorial is written to show you how to export iTunes playlist. So if you're itching to email a playlist to a friend, but not sure how to get the songs list out of iTunes, you have stepped into the right page.


Part 1: How to Export iTunes Playlists

Part 2: How to Export iTunes Playlists with Music

Part 1: How to Export iTunes Playlists

STEP 1. Launch iTunes on your Windows or Mac computer. Then, connect your iPhone, iPad or iPod.


STEP 2. Click your device icon in the upper-left corner.


STEP 3. Now, click on the playlist you want to be export in the left pane of iTunes. Here I choose "My Favorite" as an example.

Select Playlist


STEP 4. Click on "File" and navigate to "Library" > "Export Playlist…"

Export iTunes Playlist


STEP 5. Select output format from the drop-down menu.

  • If you want to import the exported iTunes playlist to other iTunes or computer, you should select "XML files" as the output format.
  • If you plan to play your music in a third-party media player other than iTunes, you may choose to export your files as "M3U files" format.
  • You can also export playlists from iTunes to text.


STEP 6. Click on "Save". iTunes will them export the playlist as the format you select.


In this way, you can export iTunes playlists to your computer. If you have a need, you can share these iTunes playlists with friends or families.

Part 2: How to Export iTunes Playlists with Music

It is important to note that exporting the playlist doesn't mean exporting the music files at the same time. Playlists don’t include the actual music—they really are just lists. If you want to export iTunes playlist with music files, you can use FonePaw iOS Transfer. This powerful software will help you transfer playlist with music from your iDevice to computer or to your friend's device in a very simple way.


STEP 1. Download, install and launch FonePaw iOS Transfer on your computer.

Windows Version DownloadMac Version Download


STEP 2. Connect your iPhone, iPod or iPad to the computer.


STEP 3. When your device is detected, click "Playlist" from the left column. All playlists will be shown in right panel.


STEP 4. Choose the playlist(s) you want to export. Hold down Ctrl/Shift key to select multiple playlists.

Click "Export to" > "Export to PC"/"Export to iTunes Library" to save iTunes playlists with music files attached.

Export Whole Playlist


Whether you need just a song's list or you need the playlist along with actual music files, this post must have met your requirements. If you think this post is helpful in exporting iTunes playlists, please share it with your friends!


Have questions that aren't addressed here? Let us know in the comment section below.


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John Obrain
John Obrain
6 year before

Try musconv tool [ ] to transfer music from one library to another

5 year before

this is an ad for some worthless product called fonepaw, it's not real advice on how to send playlists

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