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August 2018

Turn on OK Google Voice Search
I bet you've used "OK Google" in your daily life to help you search all kinds of information, such as news and the weather, and to help you handle simple tasks, such as making a call, sending a messa Read More >
Editor's Pick FonePaw DoTrans
It is very easy to connect the iPhone/iPad to Wi-Fi. And iPhone will automatically remember the passwords so that you don't have to enter it manually every time you need to use a Wi-Fi network. Howev Read More >
FonePaw App
Hey guys! New release from FonePaw again. Our new iOS app is now available on Apple's App Store and is free to download. The app, which is also named FonePaw, is a multi-purpose app to manage storage Read More >
Google Search Bar Not Working
"Recently, I find the Google search bar on the home screen cannot work as usual. Each time I type in keywords, the search bar shows no search history nor any search suggestions. Quite weird. How can Read More >
Google Search Bar on Android
No matter what kind of Android phone you are using, Google's Pixel or Samsung, it's hard to ignore the Google Search bar on the home screen. That search bar takes up almost one-third of the whole hom Read More >
Reset Netflix
Many people find that the Netflix is sometimes sluggish or even unresponsive when it is launched, or Netflix gets freezing or crashes while it is playing videos. Anyone of these circumstances can dri Read More >
This App Is Incompatible With Your Device Error
It can be frustrating to find the app you want to download is unavailable in Google Play Store. There are three common situations of the incompatible apps: 1. Country-restricted, some apps can only b Read More >
Make WhatsApp Group Calls
In WhatsApp's latest version, it has finally rolled out the feature of group calling to its Android and iOS apps, which supports up to 4 people, for both voice call and video chat. Perhaps the bigges Read More >
Windows Language Settings
Some Windows users report that they cannot change the system language on their Windows 10. Have you met the same problem on your Windows 10? Actually, Windows 10 has its default language for the enti Read More >
Print Webpage as PDF
Screenshot is one of the most useful tools in work. It saves us time and effort in recording various online materials, either texts or graphs, by exporting them into files without typing the informat Read More >
Netflix Error Code
Netflix is a popular online video website that allows users to watch various movies and TV shows through PC, TV, tablets or mobile phones. However, sometimes when we are enjoy watching videos on Netf Read More >