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How to Make and Record WhatsApp Group Calls on Android and iPhone

By FonePaw | Aug 15 , 2018

In WhatsApp's latest version, it has finally rolled out the feature of group calling to its Android and iOS apps, which supports up to 4 people, for both voice call and video chat. Perhaps the biggest highlight of WhatsApp's group calling feature is the end-to-end encrypted communication which is unavailable for other instant messaging apps.
But WhatsApp's group call is limited to just 4 people on a call at the same time, far fewer than FaceTime, Skype and Snapchat, whose group calls support up to 16 or even 32 people. Despite the number limitation, group calling is still popular among WhatsApp users. This article will show you how to make WhatsApp group calls on your smartphone, and if you need it, you can record WhatsApp group calls on iPhone and Android.


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How to Make WhatsApp Group Calls on iPhone/Android

Basically, the steps to make group calls on WhatsApp is are the same as making a one-on-one call, either a voice or a video call, just tap the "Add participant" button at the top-right corner to invite other contacts to join in the call. Remember that totally up to 3 participants you can add to one call. Detailed steps are shown below.


  • Launch WhatsApp.
  • Head to the Calls tab.
  • Tap the dialer icon and select one contact to start a voice or video call.
  • Tap the "Add participant" button at the top-right corner.
  • Choose the second/third/fourth participant you'd like to add and then tap Add button.


Make WhatsApp Group Calls


How to Record WhatsApp Group Calls on iPhone

Sometimes we may need to record some important group calls in WhatsApp, such as a conference call, in order to note down the key points. Here an amazing app, called VideoSolo MirrorEase, is strongly recommended for recording screen activities on iPhone.
ScreenMo is a powerful screen recording application that provides multiple features, such as capturing mobile device's screen with sound in video and wirelessly real-time mirroring.


FonePaw ScreenMo


Recording screen activity will be an easy job with ScreenMo, no matter it is a live chat on the phone or gameplay on the tablet. Besides, ScreenMo allows your device to connect to PC without using the USB cable. From watching movies to doing presentation or demonstration, you can always enjoy a bigger screen by easily projecting without jailbreak.
When you capture and record your WhatsApp group calls on PC through ScreenMo, it will not occupy your phone's memory space, and thus the group call can be smoother.


  • Firstly, you need to download and install FonePaw ScreenMo on your computer.
  • Connect your iOS device and PC to the same Wi-Fi.
  • Enable Screen Mirroring on your iOS device and choose FonePaw.
  • Launch the screen recorder and your device's screen will be projected onto the PC.
  • Click the Record button to start recording.


Record WhatsApp Calls on WhatsApp


How do you feel about WhatsApp's group call? Does ScreenMo work for you in recording a group call? Leave a comment below.

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