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February 2016

iPad Air 3
  There are always new smartphones, tablets and computers emerging in the mobile world with more and more stunning functions. As one of the leading and mostly sought after brands, Apple is not Read More >
iPhone 7 VS Samsung Galaxy S7
As two of the leading brands in smartphone field, the comparison of iPhone and Samsung has always been a much-talk-about topic, especially when there are new products of each of them to be released. Read More >
iPhone 5se VS iPhone 5s
Apple is said to put iPhone 5se on sale on March 18th as I mentioned on my last new post.  You can know more about iPhone 5se from 4-inch iPhone 5se Planned to Go on Sale March 18th.   Now that Read More >
Samsung Galaxy S7
  The much anticipated Samsung Galaxy S7, together with Galaxy S7 Edge, has been finally released in Mobile World Congress held in Barcelona in February 21, 2016. It is officially announced tha Read More >
5000+ Emoji
It is now becoming easier and easier to vividly express yourself, especially with the emergence and outspread of emoji application in iPhone. If you are using emoji you will fully understand why I am Read More >
USB Port
Android won't charge properly? Device charge slowly? Do not assume that your Android phone charger and the battery and broken. It can be caused by other reasons, for example, havoc of USB cable, upgr Read More >
Photo Edito by Lidow
When the moments are gone, they are forever gone. We cannot go back to the past. The only way to retain the precious moment passed away is photographing them for memory. That is why more and more peo Read More >
iPhone 5se
  Rumor has it that Apple is currently planning to unveil its next generation of iPhone – 4-inch iPhone 5se. It is expected to be launched together with iPad Air 3 and a series of Apple Watch mod Read More >
Scan QR Code to Log into WhatsApp Web
The latest updated WhatsApp empowers users to communicate with each other through WhatsApp Web. This is a tremendous step to make communication more comfortable, typing with keyboard and reading with Read More >
Go to Settings Chats on WhatsApp
We all know that WhatsApp allows users to chat with pictures, audio and videos, making conversation filled with vigor and fun. However, if you find that photos and videos you receive automatically st Read More >
Change WhatsApp Phone Number on iPhone
WhatsApp has gain its good name for its simple however stunning features. For example the very thoughtful idea of the two blue tick marks that makes senders know the messages has been read by the rec Read More >
There are times where your Android is lost and found by a stranger. If the device is unlocked, he or she can contact you after referring the owner info. And you can email/call/text back and tell the p Read More >
Block Saved Contacts on Samsung
There are times where you are bothered by some unwanted and annoying calls, for example, spam calls from a pitchman, continuous from a broken friend, and more. If you wish to get rid of such calls, y Read More >