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How to Stop WhatsApp Saving Photos and Videos to iPhone

By FonePaw | Feb 12 , 2016

We all know that WhatsApp allows users to chat with pictures, audio and videos, making conversation filled with vigor and fun. However, if you find that photos and videos you receive automatically store in your Camera Roll, you won't think it that funny. Because this can result in Camera Roll clutter and somehow be awkward if these private and somehow hilarious images are exposed to others when browsing your iPhone Camera Roll. Besides, photos and videos from WhatsApp will take up large internal storage which may end up with iPhone slow performance. As a result, it is quite understandable if you want to stop WhatsApp media to iPhone.


There are two ways for you to prevent Camera Roll from storing WhatsApp pictures and videos. And both of them are quite simple. Let's check them out.


Method 1: Disable Save Incoming Media on WhatsApp Settings


Method 2: Turn off WhatsApp Switch in iPhone Settings


Method 1: Disable Save Incoming Media on WhatsApp Settings


1. Launch WhatsApp on iPhone. Tap on Settings from the lower right corner, and then press Chats to enter Chats settings screen.


Go to Settings Chats on WhatsApp


2. Given that the switch of Save Incoming Media is in green, you should disable it by flipping it into OFF status (in grey).


Disable Save Incoming Media


Method 2: Turn off WhatsApp Switch in iPhone Settings


1. Tap on Settings app on iPhone home screen, and then scroll down to locate and enter Privacy.


Go to Photos on iPhone Settings


2. Then tap on Photos from where you can turn off the switch of WhatsApp.


Turn off the Switch of WhatsApp on iPhone


3. Exit Settings as usual and you won't receive media from WhatsApp anymore.


Both methods are so simple to follow and you can choose either of them to try it out. From that moment on, you will not find pictures, audio and videos whoever sends you on camera roll without your order, while you can still access to them on WhatsApp. However, by doing this, you are more likely to lose WhatsApp data. Therefore, please backup WhatsApp data on your iPhone as regular or save images and videos on WhatsApp to iPhone manually.  If in need, you can enable saving WhatsApp media to iPhone by following the same way. It is just a matter of switch.


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