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5 Best Photo Editors for Android

By FonePaw | Feb 19 , 2016

When the moments are gone, they are forever gone. We cannot go back to the past. The only way to retain the precious moment passed away is photographing them for memory. That is why more and more people are keen of taking photos with handy smartphone. Android, one of the most widely-used smartphone systems, also gains its popularity in this aspect. However, most of its built-in camera has the mostly basic editing function. But the fact is that editing picture is of equal importance as the moment when you capturing them. Do you know any photo editing apps for Android? Well, if you don't, this list of 5 best photo editors for Android in Google Play Store is bound to help you out.


1. Photo Editor by Lidow


If you are a newcomer in photo editing, Photo Editor by Lidow is no doubt your best bet. The most unique feature of this app is fast and fun. It saves you the hassles of bothering to create accounts, or trying to figure out millions of choices and settings. What's more, all its handful features can be applied and used in seconds. This app offer best color splash effect to make your photos unique and different. While the most special function should be its blur feature. It can help you to reduce your original image partly or entirely to 3 megapixels if you wish.


Photo Edito by Lidow


The app is free in Play Store but you do need to stand some promotion ads.


2.  Aviary


Aviary is among the best photos editing apps and you certainly have no difficulty in getting used to it as it share almost the same interface with other photos editor. Compare to Photo Editor by Lidow, Aviary embrace a larger range of editing functions. It offers pretty much everything you want to do with your pictures.


Aviary applies more than 20 and lovely tools with which you can easily enhance your pictures. You can choose to create the special theme and draw beautiful words or text aside your photos to make them more unique and meaningful. You can even remove the blemishes on your selfie with just one tap, making the selfie more attractive.




With 12 effects available for free, you can add more through in-app purchase.


3. PicsArt Photo Studio


Just like Aviary, PicsArt Phot Studio is another popular and comprehensive photo editor available in Play Store with all-round services that you can think about. It provides hundreds of editing tools for you to create amazing photos and collages. With this app, you can even produce animated and dynamic gif and videos which are more vivid. Suppose that you are not satisfied with your built-in camera, you can utilize PiscArt to capture images at the first place with high resolution. Social platform is another distinct feature which acts much like Instagram. The app has internal community where you can find minded-like friends and share your creations to each other. What a wonderful thought!


PiscArt Photos Studio


PiscArt Photo Studio is now available for free in Play Store.


4. Adobe Lightroom Mobile


If you have Photoshop in your laptop, you can sure figure out where Adobe Lightroom Mobile comes from. Yes, it is the newly released by Adobe company for Android with tons of advanced features powered by the magic of Adobe Photoshop technology. During the process of editing, you are able to revoke your action and revert to the original image all the time, which means that it does not harm to your original image.  It helps you to craft quality images like a pro with precise control of color, tone, vignettes and detail. An Adobe ID enables join the community and share photos to Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, and more. Beyond Android, you can access, edit, and share photos on Lightroom your computer and the browser with the same Adobe ID.


To enjoy the stunning features of this program, you have to create a cloud membership. And luckily, you stand a chance to try it free for 30 days.


Adobe Lightroom Mobile


If you are ok with that, head to Play Store and try it out.


5. VSCO Cam


VSCO Cam is Android's favorite, also the most-downloaded pictures editing apps among its kind. With the simple but efficient interface, it is very easy for users to grasp.  It contains delicate camera app, editing features and connection function. The most impressive thing of it should be its simplicity of editing process. It streamlines your workflow by selecting photos to sync and edit across derives. The information age gives you access to view your image details including location, date, preset and much more with ease.  You can even customize thumbnail sizes to create unique browsing experience in the library.




Download VSCO Cam in Play Store for free with in-app purchase.


Even all above apps are installed in your Android; it will not fulfill your desire to pursue more powerful photo editing apps to color your pictures. Just try them out and share your favorite one in comments.


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5 year before

snapseed premium unlocked 2018 version download snapseed apk one of best and free photo editor for android, apple mac and pc developed by goggle ,,..

5 year before

snapseed premium unlocked 2018 version download snapseed apk one of best and free photo editor for android, apple mac and pc developed by goggle ,,..

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