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Proven Ways to Share Pictures Between Android with OTG

By FonePaw | Jan 09 , 2018

It is simple to take photos with your smartphone, but sharing photos between two Android phones could not be an easy task. You may be googling for a way to try syncing two Android phones together and transfer photos from Android phone to phone.


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It seems that there is no a better way to share pictures between two Android devices. In fact, there is not only one way, but three feasible ways you can use to transfer photos from one phone to another from Android to Android. Let's now dive deeper into how they work.


Solution 1: Transfer Pictures from Android Phone to Phone via OTG
Solution 2: Share Pictures Between Android Devices Using Android Beams
Solution 3: Transfer Photos from Android to Android with Mobile Transfer


Solution 1: Transfer Pictures from Android Phone to Phone via OTG


To connect two phones together, OTG is a must, which is short for On-the-Go. OTG cable enables to connect Android phone to phone without a computer. For example, instead of connecting your Android phone to PC to transfer photos and then copy these photos to another phone, USB OTG allows you to share photos between two Android such as Samsung devices directly. Here is how it works.

STEP 1. Connect both of your Android phones to OTG. Don't forget to enable USB debugging on your phones.


Connect Android to OTG


STEP 2. On the target phone, tap "Gallery." A pop-up will show that "Allow the app Gallery to access the USB device". Click the button "OK".


Select Folder to Transfer


STEP 3. When in Gallery of the target phone, select photos you want and long tap on them. Then tap the button "IMPORT" at the upper-right corner. The transfer starts. When it completes, all selected items are imported from the source phone and showed on your target phone.


Import Photos


Solution 2: Share Pictures Between Android Devices Using Android Beams


Android Beam is the NFC based sharing feature that allows the sharing of contacts, web links, directions, photos and other small pieces of information by tapping two NFC equipped devices back to back. Any Android device running Android 4.1 or later with NFC chip inside it can send photos via NFC using Android Beam.

STEP 1. Open the Settings app on your device. Then, under "Wireless & networks," touch "More". Tap on the NFC switch to activate it. The Android Beam function will also automatically turn on.


Enable NFC on Android



  • Both sending and receiving devices must have NFC and Android Beam activated.
  • Neither of the devices should be asleep or locked.


STEP 2. Place both devices' backs against each other. Then, open "Gallery" and select the photos you want to transfer.

STEP 3. Wait for sound and haptic confirmation that both devices have detected each other.

STEP 4. Notice the sender's screen shrink into a thumbnail and display "Touch to beam" at the top. Then, tap the sender's screen to begin beaming.


Android Beam


STEP 5. When beaming completes, you'll hear audio confirmation. The target device will display the transferred content in the notification panel.


Solution 3: Transfer Photos from Android to Android with Mobile Transfer


If you think that sharing Android photos with Android Beam or OTG is too complicated to handle, you can use FonePaw Mobile Transfer to share photos between Android phones with one-click. This intuitive and authentic software is the best way to share pictures from one phone to another with safety and convenience.


STEP 1. Download and run FonePaw Mobile Transfer on your computer. Then, connect both your Android devices to PC.


Windows Version Download


STEP 2. When both your phones are detected and set to the right places, highlight "Photos" in the middle box.


Select Android Photos


STEP 3. Click "Start Transfer" to transfer photos from source Android device to the target one.


Transferring Photos from Android to Android


These are three practical ways you can use to share Android pictures. And if you have a better way to transfer pictures between Android devices, please show it in the comment section below.


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Mark Estes
Mark Estes
7 year before

Please let the reader know it will cost him $39.95 for FonePaw so they can make their decision BEFORE downloading. I would have been happy to pay for it. SInce I feel I was deceived I would not order this product if it transfered my files instantaneously.

Emily Watson
7 year before
Reply to  Mark Estes

Hi Mark,

I am sorry if it makes you uncomfortable. The article is intended to give an introduction about how this FonePaw Mobile Transfer works. With the download button, we just want to provide trial version for readers to have a try of the product themselves. At the end, it is still the readers' decision to purchase the product or not.

Mark Estes
Mark Estes
7 year before
Reply to  Emily Watson

Thankyou Emily for replying to my comment/rant! I was a micro computer software engineer for IBM for 30 years. I am impressed by the functionality that FonePaw provides. I should have done my homework as a Google search does clearly show the price of the full version. I am doing a one-time transfer of images, videos, and address book for my wife as we are changing from Sprint to Fi & was looking for a quick solution. I noticed that you personally reply to many many comments. Keep up the good work and go FonePaw!

Emily Watson
7 year before
Reply to  Mark Estes

Thanks for your support!

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