Block Saved Contacts on Samsung

Feb 02 , 2016

How to Block Calls on Your Android Phone

There are times where you are bothered by some unwanted and annoying calls, for example, spam calls from a pitchman, continuous from a broken friend, and more. If you wish to get r...

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YouTube Not Responding

Jan 31 , 2016

How to Fix YouTube Not Responding Issue

Can you image your life without YouTube? Quite harsh, right? Nowadays, we use YouTube frequently to share, upload, and download interesting video from YouTube. We can both visit Yo...

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Enable 4K Video on iPhone

Jan 29 , 2016

How to Record 4K Video on iPhone 6s & iPhone 6s Plus

Are you an iPhone 6s/6s plus user? Here is a good news for you, that is you are able to record 4K video which enables you to record precious moments in resolution that’s four...

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Back up Using File History

Jan 28 , 2016

How to Make a Full Backup of Windows 10

It is always good to have backup. Backup can prevent from losing any important files. ¬†Windows 10 enables users to make full backup in simple way, do you know how to do that?  ...

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Go to Settings Music Volume Limit

Jan 25 , 2016

How to Fix Music Won't Play on iPhone/iPod

Strange things happen all the time. Recently I found that many people are suffering the painful experience of not being able to play music on iPhone or iPod. The same thing happene...

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4-inch iPhone

Jan 22 , 2016

4-inch Apple iPhone Was Exposured via a Video Clip

A 40 seconds video was posted on a social media, which is about the rumor of 4-inch iPhone. That makes Apple users expected more about it, and what is the device going to be called...

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Disable Automatic Syncing to Make iTunes Faster

Jan 21 , 2016

iTunes Slow? Tips to Make iTunes 12 Launch and Run Faster

As the only official music platform on Apple, iTunes is popular among iPhone users for its rich music resource, powerful sync function etc. But recently many users found that iTune...

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Motorola Moto G Turbo Edition

Jan 20 , 2016

Moto G Turbo Edition Gets Android 6.0 Marshmallow

For the Motorola Moto G Turbo Edition owners who have been waiting for Android Marshmallow for a long time, you may experience this update which has started reaching to the market ...

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Turn on iCould Photo Library

Jan 19 , 2016

iCloud Photo Library VS Photo Stream:How to Make Sense of your Photos

With the advent of iCloud Photo Library, many iPhone users feel confused when managing their photos. They have options to sync photos to iCloud Photos Library while they can also c...

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Go to Settings-General-Accessibility

Jan 18 , 2016

How to Put your iPhone into Night Mode

Nowadays, night mode is becoming a more and more popular feature for many smartphone apps for the sake of eyes protection. It would do less harm to our eyes if a more subtle and da...

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