Snapchat Folder

Apr 08 , 2016

How to Recover Snapchat Photos/Videos

Different from conventional photo sharing apps, Snapchat doesn’t store all photos or videos that you’ve shard with your friends. When you share a photo on Snapchat, you...

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FonePaw iPhone Data Recovery V2.5

Apr 07 , 2016

FonePaw iPhone Data Recovery Now Supports Downloading iOS 9 iCloud Backup Data

FonePaw officially updated iPhone Data Recovery for Windows to version 2.5.0, which supports iPhone SE and iOS 9.3. Most importantly, with the latest FonePaw iPhone Data Recovery, ...

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Android Settings Apps

Apr 06 , 2016

Annoying! Turn off Facebook Notifications on Android

Facebook notifications alert you to handle something important and urgent in time, for example, read a new thread, confirm friend requests, and more. However, sometimes continual F...

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Samsung S7 Storage

Apr 04 , 2016

How to Move Apps to the Galaxy S7 MicroSD Card

Samsung Galaxy S7 which is equipped with a 4GB of RAM and 32GB/64GB internal storage was released on March, 2016. This flagship model of Samsung Mobile also has an extendable stora...

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iPhone 7 Design

Apr 01 , 2016

The Top iPhone 7 Rumors, Including 1 That's Pissing People Off

On Apple’s Spring Event held on March 21st, Apple released the 4-inch iPhone SE rather than the iPhone 7. What will be the release date of iPhone 7? And what features are rum...

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iPhone VS FBI

Mar 30 , 2016

Who Hacked the iPhone for FBI? Clues Point to…

The U.S. government’s announcement Monday that it hacked into the San Bernardino terrorist’s iPhone 5C ended the FBI’s legal feud with Apple. However, it doesn...

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Android Desktop Facebook

Mar 27 , 2016

Delete Facebook Search History from Android

Why Delete Facebook Search History from Android?   Like some search engines, Google and Yahoo for example, Facebook is able to record your search histories. The app gather...

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iPhone SE

Mar 22 , 2016

Apple's 6 Most Important Announcements on Spring Event

1. iPhone SE First and foremost, Apple announced a new iPhone called iPhone SE, which essentially takes the powerful processor from the iPhone 6S and puts it into a 4-inch design. The...

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Go to Creator Studio

Mar 18 , 2016

How to Remove Ads from YouTube Videos

As the YouTube is more and more popular, Google is pushing more and more ads on YouTube to generate revenue. Currently, you can see three types of advertisement on YouTube, which a...

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Speed Up YouTube video

Mar 17 , 2016

How to Fix YouTube Buffering Problems

It is a living nightmare: you’re watching a YouTube video, but it is compounded by the stop-start effect. Generally, the sluggish loading or buffering you may get when watchi...

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