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Jan 29 , 2020

Beginners Guide to Writing For Awesome Blog

When people talk about writing, such a task is something that requires a great level of focus and sometimes skill. If you are someone who has been into the job of writing, you will un...

Camera on Mac

Jan 26 , 2020

Mac Camera Not Working, How to Connect Camera on Mac

Sometimes the built-in camera of your Mac doesn't work and you're given a notification of "camera not connected". It's a very common problem and it's so annoying! Without the camera, ...

Google Chrome

Jan 21 , 2020

Things You Can't Google

Google is one of the largest publishers in the world, but it's also one of the biggest censors. Some censorship is expected – the company doesn't want its platform to be hijacked for ...

Web Hosting

Jan 21 , 2020

4 Steps To Launch a Successful Blog

If you have a knack for writing and like to share your opinions with other people, then starting a blog is an excellent option for you. Not only would you be able to keep your hobby o...

Internet Explorer

Jan 19 , 2020

Solved: How Can I Download Internet Explorer for Mac

You probably don't know that Microsoft Internet Explorer (IE) used to be the default browser on Mac computer, but since the release of Apple's own browser, Safari, Microsoft has stopp...


Jan 10 , 2020

5 Critical Factors to Consider When Choosing Software Solutions

When you start looking at the software you need for your business, there are many points that you need to consider. A lot of companies will need similar software features, such as ema...

Set VLC as Default Media Player in Installation

Jan 06 , 2020

How to Make VLC Default Player on Windows and Mac

VLC is a free media player supporting many audio and video compressions and file formats. It'll be very convenient for you to play videos of different formats if you make VLC as the d...

Raw Drive Error

Dec 31 , 2019

FonePaw Data Recovery Update: Better Support for RAW Drive & exFAT

When trying to open a flash drive or memory card on a Windows computer, you may sometimes get an error that says "you need to format the disk before you can use it", which stops you f...

Show Recording on OBS

Dec 24 , 2019

OBS Recording Location: Where Does OBS Save Recordings

Streamlabs Open Broadcast Software (OBS) is mainly used for live broadcasting to platforms like Twitch, YouTube Live, and Mixer, while many people look over its useful feature which i...

NordVPN for iPhone

Dec 19 , 2019

5 Ways to Make Your Browsing More Private and Secure

Have you ever felt like your computer or phone is listening to you? Does it feel odd that you receive advertisements for something after googling it the day before? From cybercriminal...

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