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How to Move Apps to the Galaxy S7 MicroSD Card

By FonePaw | Apr 04 , 2016

Samsung Galaxy S7 which is equipped with a 4GB of RAM and 32GB/64GB internal storage was released on March, 2016. This flagship model of Samsung Mobile also has an extendable storage up to 200GB.


Even if you adopt the 64GB storage plan, it is very likely that you will fill it up and make your Samsung Galaxy S7 slow. Apps on your smartphone are one of the large files that will takes up lots of space. To solve this, we can insert a microSD card to our Galaxy phone and move apps to SD card. Just follow this guide and see how.


Step 1. Insert the microSD card to your Samsung Galaxy S7.


Step 2. Go to "Settings" > "Storage" > "Internal storage" > "Apps".


Step 3. Find the app you would like to move to SD card and tap on it.

Samsung S7 Storage


Step 4. Choose "Change" as shown below.

Move Apps on S7


Step 5. Then, choose "SD Card" and you will get a window saying "Export XX". XX stands for the app name. Just hit on "Move" on the bottom right to export apps from S7 internal storage to microSD card.

Move Apps to SD Card


That's it. You need only 5 simple steps to move the apps from Samsung phone to microSD card. Just repeat these steps to move other apps to your microSD card.


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