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iTunes Slow? Tips to Make iTunes Launch and Run Faster

By FonePaw | Feb 05 , 2018

As the only official music platform on Apple, iTunes is popular among iPhone users for its rich music resource, powerful sync function etc. But recently many users found that iTunes is getting slower and slower as so many services and function added when updated to iTunes 12 and later. Some are feeling unable to endure the lag performance of iTunes. Actually, quick speed and better performance can be easily gained through some adjustments to settings in iTunes 12.


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Tip 1. Disable automatic syncing

Apple assumes that everyone who is using iTunes owns at least an iPhone/iPad/iPod, so it enables many functions for iPhone/iPod/iPad by default. And one is syncing iPad/iPod/iPhone automatically. If you’re not in need of this function or you don’t need it so frequently, you can choose to disable it to speed up iTunes: Launch iTunes > Edit > Preferences > Devices, and tick the checkbox of “Prevent iPods, iPhones, iPads from syncing automatically.


Disable Automatic Syncing to Make iTunes Faster


Tip 2. Disable some options about iTunes Media

Go to Edit > Preferences > Advanced, un-tick Keep iTunes Media folder organized & Share iTunes Library XML with other applications.


Turn off Unnecessary Services


Tip 3. Turn off Genius

Genius will introduce you related songs, movies, and TV you may look according to your record and it will take up system resources when running in the background. So if you don’t think it much useful in recommending, you can disable it by Store > Turn off Genius.


Turn off Genius


Tip 4. Delete Smart Playlists

iTunes will constantly analyze your library and generate smart playlists accordingly. To some extends, it can be helpful, but if you’re really serious about making iTunes run faster, just delete any of them and create your own playlists when in need later.


Delete Smart Playlists


Tip 5. Stop annoying message

Every time you conduct actions in iTunes, it will confirm you in a pop-up window. For example, if you right-click to delete smart playlist – Classic Music, a window like this will appear. Sometimes it is a little bit annoying if you've made your resolution of doing something, these confirmation messages always come to interrupt. All you need to do is tick Do not ask me again to weed out it so it won't appear next time.


Stop Annoying Messages


Tip 6. Delete Duplicate Files

With the expansion of data, it can hardly be avoided that you've got some duplicate files, like music which may occupy unnecessary space to slow down the performance of iTunes. To weed out duplicate, you can click View > Show Duplicate Items. Delete those files overlapping.


Delete Duplicate Files


Above are some tips we look for iTunes slow sufferers, but it doesn't mean that you have to carry out all of them. Every user has their unique requirement so you can choose to enable some of those suitable for you. Hope you enjoy your experience with iTunes 12.


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6 year before

Thanks for this tip, I never knew that automatic syncing slows down iTunes.

LeBron Strowman
LeBron Strowman
5 year before

On a PC, extremely long loading times is possibly a sign of your PSU failing. iTunes is both memory intensive and a large app which means that it requires more power to access and run. I never put two and two together until I would plug peripherals into the USB and access speeds would take a dip and ultimately, my backup drive stopped spinning due to waning power. The second I replaced the PSU, iTunes started loading up in less than 5 seconds.

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