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Samsung Guide: How to Fast Charge Samsung Galaxy

By FonePaw | Sep 16 , 2015

Samsung S6/S6 Edge that introduces the new feature – fast charging functions to the Android world was unveiled after Samsung Inc kicked off the release meeting in 2015. The built-in fast charging function, as it is named, allows the device to be fully charged in a very short amount of time. This creative design, at least to me, is one of the most useful designs. Suppose that when you are in a hurry of leaving home, but the Samsung Galaxy has no less than 5% of the battery remained. Thanks to the new feature, you can get your Android phone full-charged in 1 to 1.5 hours. Let us go to some details of this function and steps on it.


Guide to Fast Charge Samsung Galaxy Series
Step 1. Go to the Settings application on your Samsung Galaxy S6/S6 Edge.

Samsung Settings


Step 2. Scroll down the bar and find out "Power saving" which is under the category "System". Tap it this option.

Samsung Power Saving


Step 3. When you have entered the "Power saving" page, you will get the option "Fast charging". Select the option by ticking the box.

Fast Charge Samsung


Step 4.  Charge you Samsung Galaxy phone with the charger and the USB cable.


Here is the progress of our charge:
Started at: 5%
5 minutes: 14%
15 minutes: 32%
40 minutes: 76%
50 minutes: 88%
72 minutes: 100%


1. You cannot disable the fast charging feature. But the feature will stop when you are not using a normal charger, or when the phone screen is on, or battery level is more than 50%.
2. Fast charging does no harm to the battery but just marginally affect battery life which is negligible in the life span.
3. It is normal that the phone get heated when being charging. The phone can automatically adjust the current according to the temperature feedback.


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