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How to Email WhatsApp Conversation from iPhone

By FonePaw | Jan 28 , 2018
As a transnational and texting free communication app, an increasing number of iPhone users are keen on utilizing WhatsApp. Better yet, WhatsApp allows communicating with emoji, audio, images and videos, making the exchange more vivid and interesting. iPhone users texting with friends, family, and colleagues with regard to funny or important matters. That is why it is so important to save chats and messages. On iPhone, you can always back up your precious WhatsApp chats and history for future need. However, What if you want to send WhatsApp conversation to others to better explain something? Well, follow this post and you will find it a piece of cake.

How to Email Your WhatsApp Chat History on iPhone

STEP 1. Launch WhatsApp on your iPhone.


STEP 2. Open conversation window by tapping on a name of individual contact or group contacts.


STEP 3. On the top of the conversation window, you will see the name of the contact (individual or group), tap on it to show contact Info or Group Info in an interface that appears.

Open WhatsApp Conversation


STEP 4. Tap on Email Chat and a menu will swipe up from the bottom with two options: Attach Media and Without Media.

Choose WhatsApp Conversation


STEP 5. Select either option and you will be led to an interface where you can send your WhatsApp conversation to any emails. All you need to do is enter the email address, and the subject is set by default as WhatsApp + contact name/Group name.

Email WhatsApp Conversation


STEP 6. Click Send on the top right corner then WhatsApp history with all conversation with certain contact or group will be sent to the target email.


Warm tips:


1. The Media including videos, photos, audio and other non-words images in WhatsApp chats.


2. WhatsApp chats are sent a plain text attachment named as “WhatsApp Chat: contact/group.txt” file.


3. Tap on Cancel on the top left corner, there are two options – Delete Draft and Save Draft, for your action. Press Delete Draft to cancel sending and remove this email. If you tap on Save Draft, you are able to send it later. Both actions bring you back to Contact Info/Group Info screen.


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