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Mar 16 , 2020

2 Ways to Remove OneDrive from File Explorer and Fully Get Rid of It

As Microsoft's storage service for hosting files in the "cloud", OneDrive is a good helper for many Windows users who use multiple devices. It can easily store, sync and share various...


Mar 07 , 2020

Ransomware Can Bring Your Business to Its Knees: Here's Why

As a business owner, you must protect your assets to the best of your ability. Otherwise, you open yourself up to liability. In the digital age, a large percentage of your efforts wil...

Windows Cortana

Mar 06 , 2020

Can't type in Cortana or Search Bar on Windows 10 [Solved]

Cortana is a smart assistant released by Microsoft. It is quite a good helper to learn about our preferences and schedule our life. Also, it gives us quick access to software, documen...

Reset Sticky Notes

Feb 14 , 2020

Sticky Notes Won't Open, How to Fix?

Sticky Notes help people to take down memos and random thoughts. It provides great convenience for users on Windows computers. However, sometimes the sticky notes that you create just...

Malware on iPhone

Nov 21 , 2019

7 Simple Ways to Keep Your Devices Safe

Cybercrime is more prevalent than ever before with hackers, security leaks and phishing attacks all being common problems for owners of any electronic devices, whether that be a mobil...

FonePaw Data Recovery 1.1.6

Nov 08 , 2019

How to Extract Individual Files from Windows System Image Backup

Making a backup on a regular basis is the most effective way to tackle data loss on Windows computer. One of the most commonly-used backup methods on Windows 10, 8, 7 is System Image....

Run Command Prompt

Jul 06 , 2019

How to Shut Down or Restart Windows PC Using CMD

You may be unable to shut down or restart a Windows PC in the normal way. For example, after Windows 10 upgrade, the taskbar disappears and you can't access the Shut Down, Restart, Sl...

Capture Still Image in Windows Media Player

Jun 13 , 2019

Capture Still Image from Video in Windows Media Player

When playing a video or movie in Windows Media Player, you may want to capture a still image from the video or movie. However, unlike VLC and other modern video players, Windows Media...

Chrome Remote Desktop

Apr 13 , 2019

3 Workable Ways to Get iMessage on PC(Windows 10/8/7)

"There is iMessage for Mac so people can send and receive message without their phones. Can iMessage come to Windows PC?"   There are thousands of users having the same question:...

Animated GIF Wallpaper

Mar 21 , 2019

Make A GIF Your Wallpaper on Windows/iPhone/Android

Do you feel bored when watching the still desktop wallpaper on your computer and mobile? Today we are going to provide a tutorial on how to set GIF as wallpaper on Windows, iOS, and A...

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