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How to Boot Android into Recovery Mode

By FonePaw | Feb 02 , 2018

Recovery Mode is a tool designed to help your Android device recover from severe errors. In case of a rare device malfunction, or when you are intended to clear cache data, upgrade or back up the Android OS, enable factory reset, and flash ROM of Android, you need to boot Android into Recovery Mode. To use it successfully you need a MicroSD card in your device. Before doing so, we highly suggest you back up all the important data of your Android phone.


Boot Android into Recovery Mode Step by Step

STEP 1. Shut down your Android phone by pressing the power button and selecting "Power off".

STEP2. Hold on Power button + Home button. Then press the Volume up/down to navigate options. Your phone has entered Recovery Mode. And you can select to restart the system, wipe data/factory reset, wipe cache data, etc.

Note: If your Android phone doesn't have a Home button, you can also hold on "Volume down" + "Power" or "Volume up" + "Power" together at the same time. Generally, this works for most Android phones and boot them into recovery mode.


Factory Reset Android in Recovery Mode


Know More about the Available Options:

  • Install /SD card/ Rename the package as "" and install it on SD card.
  • Wipe data/factory reset: Clear internal and cache data. We DON'T suggest this option because it will cause data loss after flashing ROM.
  • Wipe cache partition: NOT suggested
  • Wipe dalvik cache: NOT suggested.
  • Wipe battery stat: NOT suggested.


Hope this guide can help you boot your Android device into recovery mode. You will find it is pretty convenient to upgrade the Android system, flash ROM, or factory reset your Android phone when entering recovery mode. If you still have some problems in doing this, please contact us via email. And you can leave your comment below. They will be extremely welcomed and appreciated.

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