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How to Enable Safari Ad-Blockers in iOS 9

By FonePaw | Oct 22 , 2015

iOS 9 brings "content blockers" for Safari that can block ads, trackers, videos, pop-ups and more. However, please note that this ad blocker isn't "baked in" to iOS 9 which means that you have to download a helper app and activate that app to turn on the feature.


Since Apple allowed ad-blocking extensions to work in Safari in iOS 9, a slew of ad-blacking apps popped up in the App Store. Peace, Purify and Crystal are three top picks and range in price from $1 - $4. At the time I’m writing the post, Peace is not available in the App Store.


This post will guide you to install an ad-blocking app from the App Store and then enable Safari ad-blocker in iOS 9.

How to Block Ads on iPhone, iPad, or iPod touch

1. Install an app that has a content blocker

Download an app that has a content blocker on your iOS devices from App Store. I chose Crystal, but many of them are just as good.

Once the app is installed, you'll see its icon on your home screen, but there's not much point launching it because the content blocker isn't activated inside the app.

Download Ad Blocker


2. Go to Settings and enable the content blocker

Open the Settings app and go to Safari and scroll down until you find Content Blockers, and tap it. You will see all content blockers installed on your iPhone, iPad or iPod touch. Enable the blocker of your choice.

Enable Content Blocker on iOS 9


3. Launch Safari and start browsing

Once the content blocker is activated, you can launch Safari and start browsing webpages without annoying ads. You can also go ahead and launch the ad-blocking app you just installed to customize its settings.


That's it! Apart from passing the annoying ads, blocking ads on your iOS devices can also help to decrease the load time of webpage, increase battery life and reduce data consumption.


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