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WhatsApp Call Unavailable: What's the Problem?

By FonePaw | Nov 14 , 2018

WhatsApp is now the most popular messaging app, an indispensable tool in our work and life. But some users have encountered this situation: it shows unavailable when they are calling someone on WhatsApp. What does it mean when WhatsApp is showing unavailable status? Why in some cases, is WhatsApp video/audio call unavailable but messages are delivered? Here are the explanation and solutions.


WhatsApp Call Unavailable



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Why Is WhatsApp Video/Audio Call Unavailable on iPhone/Android?

Usually, there are several possible reasons:

a. You or your contact is in a country where WhatsApp is banned.
b. Your iPhone or Android device isn't connected to the Internet. Or the Wi-Fi your phone is currently connecting has blocked WhatsApp due to security issues.
c. The contact you are calling is not connected to a workable network.
d. You have been blocked by the contact on WhatsApp(I'm truly sorry).
e. Your phone number is blocked by the contact on his/her iPhone. Some users see the call unavailable alert on WhatsApp but don't think they are not blocked because the video call with the contact is working and their messages can be received. However, it could be that the contact has (accidentally?) blocked your phone number on his/her phone by tapping Block this Caller.


Block Phone Number


You can find if the reason A is true based on your and your contact's location, where you or your contact needs to use a third-party VPN app to get access to WhatsApp. If not, then the issue is possibly due to reason B/C/D/E and you can see the following methods.


1. Switch to Different Network

If WhatsApp is accessible in both you and your contact's location, the issue is largely attributed to the internet connectivity issue.

First, the Wi-Fi your smartphone seemingly connects to may not work at all or the Wi-Fi firewall has blocked the using of WhatsApp. So the best you can do is to try various internet connection troubleshooting like the below:


  • If your phone is currently connected to Wi-Fi, you can switch to another Wi-Fi or mobile data connection(Normally it works).
  • If your phone is currently connected to mobile data, you can walk around to find its best signal connection location. Or you can switch the mobile data connection to a strong Wi-Fi in your neighborhood.


Show WiFi Connection


Note: If switching internet connection is not useful, then it's likely that your contact's internet connection goes wrong. It's hard for you to fix and you can find other methods to inform him/her of the issue.


2. Check Whether A Contact was Blocked You or Not in WhatsApp

Reason D/E is maybe cruel to you but it's possible. Before losing your temperature, you can check the following indicators to confirm whether you have been blocked by your contact on WhatsApp.


  • Check "Last seen" and "profile updates": you can not see your contact's latest updates in profile and the last time when he/she used the app after you're blocked.
  • The message cannot be delivered: When you are blocked, the message you send will always show one check mark(message sent) and never show a second check mark(message delivered).
  • Couldn't add the person to a Group: If you are still not sure whether you are blocked, try to add the person to a group. If the error says "Couldn't add XXX"(contact name), then you must be blocked.


Open WhatsApp Conversation


More question about WhatsApp call unavailable issue? Drop your question in the comments.

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4 year before

Why if whats app call status is unvailable but the message status show a second check mark (delivered)

Defamation Defenders
2 year before
Reply to  Brabusbus

Then it's most likely E, your phone number is blocked on the persons iPhone.,

Intisar Alhammoud
Intisar Alhammoud
2 year before

What if both the video call and the audio call are unavailable and still receive messages?

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