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How to Disable Samsung Account Notice on S9/S8/S7

By FonePaw | Nov 19 , 2018

"Recently a message keeps appearing on my Galaxy S8 lock screen: Tap here to use your Samsung Account. What's that? I don't use any Samsung account! What's worse, I cannot get rid of it. I have gone to Settings > Apps and uninstall any Samsung apps that can be uninstalled. But the message just keeps showing up! Anyone help me, please? Thanks a lot!"

—an anxious Samsung user


Many Samsung users find their Samsung S9/S8/S7 showing a message "Tap here to use your Samsung Account" and cannot disable the notice. It is very annoying because the Samsung account notice pops up every several minutes for no reason. Fortunately, there are some simple ways to disable Samsung account notice. Read on and find the solution that fits your Samsung phone.


Samsung Account Notice


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1. Turn off Notifications for Samsung Account

Actually, it can be very simple to fix the issue. Just press and hold the Samsung account message, then turn off the "Allow Notifications". Then the notification won't show up. Try this one.
But some people reported that pressing the "Tap here to use your Samsung Account" notification doesn't give them the option to turn off the notification. And on some Samsung phones, the Samsung account notification just keeps coming back after disabling “Allow Notification". If Samsung account notice is still haunting you, try other methods,


2. Reset Your App Preferences for App Notifications

There are other ways to fix it. With Android Oreo, Google introduced the Notification channels that you can set the notification preferences for all apps at one time. Also, on devices running the earlier versions, you can also set notification preferences for an individual app in a simple way.


Just go to Setting > Apps > More > Reset app preferences, which will then turn on notifications of all apps.


Reset App Preference


Now return to Settings > App Notifications and turn off all app notification by toggle off the switch next to "All apps". Then you only need to turn on the apps that you want to get notification from. Obviously, you don't want to get notifications of Samsung Account or any related apps.


3. Turn off Samsung Experience Home

It might be the problem of Samsung Experience Home and turning it off may fix the problem. Just go to Settings > Apps > Three Dots > Special Access > Notification Access. Then toggle the Samsung Experience Home to block it.


Turn off Samsung Experience Notification


4. Delete Samsung Account

If Samsung account notice keeps coming back after you disabling notification and Samsung Experience Home, delete the Samsung account is the last resort to fix the problem from its root. Follow the steps:


  • In the Home screen, swipe up or down from the center of the display to access the apps screen.
  • Go to Settings > Accounts > Accounts.
  • Select the Samsung account you want to remove. And tap Remove Account.


Samsung Account


Then the Samsung account that keeps annoying you is removed and the messages won't show up anymore. If you need Samsung account to use Samsung Pay, Bixby, you can re-add the account. Some said that re-adding the account won't bring back the Samsung account notification.


All the above are the solutions to fix Samsung "Tap here to use your Samsung Account" issue. Does this passage help you turn off that annoying message? Please give us a like and share it with your friends!

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5 year before

Thank you, hoping #3 will help...

5 year before

I've tried every suggestion for my Galaxy S9 and nothing works. Even in settings > accounts the Samsung Account does not provide a remove option. Looks like I've bought my last Samsung phone/computer/product. Screw you Samsung!!

Arpeggio Blues
Arpeggio Blues
4 year before
Reply to  Bronco

Agreed.. I'll never buy another smartphone.. they are annoying, they are addicting, and TOO much time is spent on them, and getting them to do as we want..

After spending over 4000 on smart phones, upgrading them when they are built to die in the same amount of time you pay them off.. it's built in obsolescence.. these companies are just raping you and using YOUR addiction to keep buying this damn things..

GET A Life.. Keep It Simple Stupid (KISS)... TIred of my phone getting me frustrated.. sucks.. big time.. not much real reason to have one.. NO ONE USES voice phone calls anymore anyway.. Twitter, facebook and the rest.. we do not need in our lives..

4 year before

None of this works.

Arpeggio Blues
Arpeggio Blues
4 year before

It says: "These Notifications Cannot be turned off !!!!"

Would you people STOP lying about how to stop this annoying notification..

I Deleted the samsung acct on "" this does NOT work.. as far as I can see NO one at SAMSUNG cares to solve this problem...

signed.. annoyed and pissed off at the false information you people leave here

Ratchet and Dank
Ratchet and Dank
4 year before
Reply to  Arpeggio Blues

You're responding to an article that's a year old, dumbass. The info will obviously be outdated, hell, a 2 month old article could be out of date already. Don't take your anger from Samsung's practices out on people trying to help. Ungrateful. The info isn't false, it's outdated.

Fucking dense boomers, man.

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