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Where Is the Tools Menu/Internet Options in Windows 10

By FonePaw | Oct 18 , 2018

Some users could not find Tools Menu/Internet Options in Internet Explorer browser when they upgraded Windows 10, which brings many inconveniences and unnecessary troubles to the users. This article is about to help you find the Tools menu in Internet Explorer 11 or 10 on Windows. Here are several methods for you to find Tools Menu in Windows 10. And if you need to access Internet Options via Tools menu, the second part of the article will show you how to open Internet Options without Tools menu.


1. Where is Tools in Internet Explorer 11/10 on Windows 10?

Internet Explorer 11/10 has Tools menu hidden. If you want to find Tools Menu, here are two ways. Please follow the steps below.


Enable Tools Menu via Alt key
Step 1. Press the Alt key, the Tools menu will show up. To have the menu always showing up, continue with the following steps.
Step 2. Then click View > Toolbars.
Step 3. You'll see Menu Bar. And Click Menu Bar.
Step 4. Check the Menu Bar option.


Enable Menu Bar Internet Explorer 11


That's it. The Menu Bar will be pinned to the top of the IE browser, from where you can always easily access the Tools menu.


Show Menu Bar by clicking Title Bar
Usually, "Tools" is on the Menu Bar. Right click on the Title Bar. Check the Menu Bar and see if "Tools" is on the Menu Bar


Enable Tools Menu via Title Bar


Tools button on Microsoft Edge
Microsoft Edge is an upgraded version of Internet Explorer, and Windows 10 users generally use Microsoft Edge instead of Internet Explorer. There is no Menu Bar on Microsoft Edge, so it is impossible to find Tools on this browser. But there is "Open in Internet Explorer" option in the Microsoft Edge, as shown below. Click this option to open IE browser, and then use the above ways to find Tools Menu in IE browser.


Open with Internet Explorer on Microsoft Edge


2. Where Is Internet Options in Windows 10?

An important reason why users need to open Tools is that they need to open "Internet Options" in Tools. If you are using Microsoft Edge, which means there is no Tools option, there are two ways for you to open Internet Options.


Way 1: Using search to open Internet Options.

The search box is on taskbar. Type internet options in it and choose Internet Options in the result.


Search Internet Options on Windows 10


Way 2: Open it in Control Panel.

When you enter Control Panel, you'll see a search box in top-right.
Type in "internet options". The results will come out with "Internet Options".


Internet Options on Control Panel


More question about finding Tools menu on Windows 10? Leave your question in the comments.

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Jim Ptacnik
Jim Ptacnik
4 year before

This doesn't work for windows 10, or at least not for every circumstance.

4 year before
Reply to  Jim Ptacnik

Bunch of BS>

4 year before

So stupid!????????????

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