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Forgot Screen Time Passcode? How to Reset iOS 12 Screen Time Passcode

By FonePaw | Nov 08 , 2018

"I just updated my iPhone to iOS 12, and Screen Time is on by default. Then I want to turn it off but it requires a passcode with 4 digits. I don't remember I have set any password because it's newly available on iOS 12. So how can I reset Screen Time passcode? I have tried the first four digits of the passcode for unlocking screen, but it doesn't work!"

—an iPhone user


Recently, Apple has launched iOS 12 with a new function called Screen Time which can monitor app usage to prevent users from excessive gaming or overuse social media. However, when users want to open it, it requires a passcode with 4 digits while the unlock screen passcode is 6 digits. So what is the Screen Time passcode anyway, and how to reset it?


What Is the Screen Time Passcode?

Introduced in iOS 12, Screen Time is a feature in Settings to secure the Content & Privacy Restrictions or to mainly restrict use time of an iOS device. When users try to activate Screen Time or access Content & Privacy Restrictions, it will require a passcode, which is different to the password used to unlock screen. Unluckily, the passcode can't be changed when you forget the old one. However, there are still some ways to reset Screen Time passcode. Read on to find the solution!


iOS 12 Screen Time


Forgot Screen Time Passcode on iOS 12, Try These Fixes


1) Enter A Random 4-digit Number
Some users, like the one above, found that they have never set up a passcode and never use Screen Time. But when they tap into it, it still asks for a passcode. Some people discovered that any 4 digits passcode is accepted, but it must have nothing to do with any other passcodes related to their device or account. For example, you use 123456 to unlock your screen, then 1234 is not available for Screen Time. Try to enter a random 4-digit number that is not related to your lock screen passcode or iCloud password.


2) Enter Your Restriction Passcode from iOS 11
If your iPhone was updated to iOS 12 from iOS 11 and Screen Time requires a passcode, try to enter your Restrictions Passcode from iOS 11. If you use guided access feature, try that passcode, too.


Enter Restrictions Passcode


3) Erase Your iPhone and Reset Screen Time Passcode
If you forget your Screen Time or previous Restrictions Passcode, unfortunately, the only option is to erase your iPhone by iTunes and wipe the Screen Time passcode, though it might take some time. If you decide to do so, please remember to make a backup for your device with iCloud or iTunes beforehand, then follow the steps:

Restore Your iPhone by iTunes

  • Update iTunes on your computer to the latest version.
  • Connect your device to the computer and open iTunes.
  • On your iPhone, a message will pop up and you tap Trust This Computer.
  • On iTunes, the information of your device will be listed. Click Restore iPhone.
    Make a cup of tea and wait for a while.


Restore iPhone via iTunes 12


Tips: If the restoring process fails, try putting your iPhone into Recovery Mode and try again. Just perform a forced restart and do not release the buttons until you see the recovery mode screen. You may like: How to Restore iPhone even without backup.

When the restoring is done, follow the set-up guide until you see the App & Data screen in which you will be allowed to recover data from an iCloud backup or to an iTunes backup. Both of them is available.


All the above are three ways to reset Screen Time passcode. Does this passage help? If so, please give us a like and share it to social media!

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