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Should You Upgrade Samsung Galaxy S8 to S9/S9+?

By FonePaw | Mar 14 , 2018

As we know the official release date of Samsung Galaxy S9 / S9 Plus is March 16, 2018, but we still have the chance to get information about Samsung S9 from the teaser and at MWC 2018. Therefore, you might find that Samsung Galaxy S9 is very similar to Samsung Galaxy S8 from many aspects. In this case, you will be hesitant whether to upgrade your Samsung Galaxy S8 to S9 / S9 Plus. So, Samsung Galaxy S8 VS S9, do you want to upgrade?


Samsung S8 VS S9


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After the MWC 2018, you might have heard the news that Samsung Galaxy S9 series has no difference in design with Samsung Galaxy S8 series. What's more, you might be wondering how similar they are.
1. Similarities in design:

    • Use the same display Infinity Display Quad HD+ Super AMOLED.
    • 5.8-inch (S8/S9) screen and 6.2-inch curved screen (S8 Plus/S9 Plus).
    • Same aspect ratio - 18.5:9.
    • Same resolution - Quad HD+ (2960×1440).
    • Gorilla Glass covering.
    • Curved sides and rounded corners.
    • Similar buttons layout.

2. Identical battery capacity - both the S9 and the S8 offer 3000mAh battery (3500mAh for S9 Plus and S8 Plus).
3. The same 64GB memory storage, 4GB RAM is provided for S8 and S9.
4. Both of the S9 and the S8 support wireless charging and fast charging.



Samsung seems satisfied with this rounded and slender design style and no obvious fresh new design was brought to S9 series. However, Samsung has been tweaked the new phone to deliver a better smartphone user experience.


The overall design of Galaxy S9 is similar to Galaxy S8, but the dimensions and weight are little different between them. Compared to Galaxy S8, Galaxy S9 is about 1.2mm shorter, but thicker and heavier. But these slight changes are not noticeable.


Samsung S9 / S9 Plus Specs


Better Camera
The most eye-catching improvement of Samsung S9 series must be in the camera. On the Samsung S9, the front camera has Super Speed Dual Pixel 8 MP (F1.7 aperture) and has no change with S8, but the rear camera on S9 employs Dual Aperture, supporting Super Speed Dual Pixel 12 MP sensor with OIS F1.5 or F2.4 aperture so that users can take clear and stunning pictures in the bright light or super low light environment.
Moreover, in addition to the main wide-angle camera with OIS F1.5/F3.4 aperture on S9 Plus, a telephoto camera with OIS F2.4 aperture is also added to S9 Plus this time, which means you can get 2x optical zoom when you are taking a picture.
Besides, super slow-mo for video recording has been also upgraded on Samsung Galaxy S9 series which is going well beyond Samsung Galaxy S8. When slow-motion in S8 shoots 240 frames per second, super slow-mo in S9 has the ability to create 960 frames per seconds. With Galaxy S9, you are able to choose 35 different background music to perfect your slow-motion video and create, edit GIFs to share with others.


Samsung S9 Front Camera


Fingerprint Scanner's Location Changed
Many people regard the location of a fingerprint scanner as one of the biggest shortcomings of Samsung Galaxy S8. In Samsung Galaxy S8, the fingerprint scanner is right next to the rare camera on the phone back. Unsurprisingly, lots of people have shown their distaste for the placement of the fingerprint scanner which is easy for them to touch the camera lens by mistake and then, smudge the lens.
Fortunately, Samsung has made a better choice on the placement of fingerprint scanner in S9 series. To avoid smudging the camera lens, Fingerprint Scanner is moved underneath the camera, sitting in the center of the phone back.


Samsung Fingerprint Scanner


Other New Features

The processor is upgraded to Exynos 9810, holding 4GB RAM for S9 and 6GB for S9 Plus. New processor allows users to select 64GB/128GB/256GB memory storage of Galaxy S9 with expandable memory up to 400GB MicroSD. New intelligent scan face unlock system is added.


Bottom Line

Samsung is trying to offer a better experience for users on performance aspect, even though there is no obvious change in design. So, should you upgrade Galaxy S8 to S9?
Since Samsung Galaxy S9 is going to release on March 16, the price of S8 is gradually decreasing. If you aren't interested in the new features above and can't afford a Galaxy S9/S9 Plus, you can take Galaxy S8 into consideration.
However, if you are a big fan of Samsung, Galaxy S9/S9 Plus must be on your shopping list in order to achieve the pleasantness from the new features.

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