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How to Compress Image Size in Android in Two Ways

By FonePaw | Feb 08 , 2019

Nowadays with the internet speed and resolution of screen& cameras lifted much, a large number of high-quality photos are created and spread through the Internet. Our smartphones, therefore, are often crammed with photos that we want to save and value.

These photos can occupy much storage space of your phone, therefore, making it running slow or freeze often. We need to reduce picture file size android so as to make our phones run fluently again. Besides, if we resize the image to a specific size before sending them, it will save us a lot of cellular data. The key to compressing photos is android reducing image size without losing quality. This tutorial will introduce two methods about how to compress photos on mobile.




1. Use An Online Photo Compressor

This method will not require you to install any app on your phones which saves you much time and storage space of your smartphone. All you have to do is to go to an online photos compression website using any mobile browser on your Android phone and follow the guide to compress the Android photos.


Step 1: Open FonePaw online photo compressor on your Android.
Step 2: Choose photos from Gallery or File Manager to upload to the website.
Step 3: After finishing uploading the photo, you can download the compressed file.


FonePaw Photo Compressor on Mobile


You can, in fact, upload not only one photo but continuously add photos you want to compress up.  All the photos you add will be compressed into one zip file which saves much space.


A free online photo compressor can be quickly accessed and easily used which give you much convenience in resizing photos. Moreover, the FonePaw Photo Compressor introduce above will not harm the quality of the photo itself and can generally reduce 70% file size even 82% sometimes, which means you can still view the photo of the same quality or send them via email which only occupies much less the storage space and network flow.


Photo Compressed Comparison


2. Install Photo Size Reducer App

The second method is to install an Android app called Photo & Picture Resizer. You could go to Google Play to download and install it on your phone(Add link). Below are the steps of compressing photos using this app.


Step 1: Download the app and launch it.
Step 2: On the main page, tap Select Photos and you can choose multiple photos by tapping them. The app will automatically detect and display the size and resolution of the image.


Photo & Picture Resizer App


Step 3: On the top right corner, you will see three buttons. Pressing the first one is to resize and compress the image, the second one to crop the image and the third one to share via third-party apps. Hit the first one.
Step 4: You can choose from a series of measurements based on pre-defined sizes in pixels and percentage. You can also enter custom values for both. Just choose the custom option and enter values. Click OK.


Resize Photos on Android


If you tap the image, the size information of images will show for you to compare. You can choose "Take a photo" from the beginning so you can directly compress the photos you will take.

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Marco Ullasci
4 year before

This just begs a question: why we shouldn't have this out of the box in the camera app of the phone?

4 year before

Why does my 7 year old Android 4 Moto do this automatically and my fancy new S9 doesn't?

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