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How to Put Full/Long Video in Whatsapp Status

By FonePaw | Apr 18 , 2019

You can put quotes, photos, videos, GIF in WhatsApp Status to let your friends know what's new with you, which is good because it can bring your friends closer to your life.


However, there are limits on video size and length in WhatsApp Status. How to bypass the limits to put the longer or full video in WhatsApp Status? Here are 3 ways you can use.


Whatsapp Status Video Length & Size Limit

In WhatsApp, you can't send videos larger than 16MB, which is usually a video of 90 seconds to 3 minutes of video. However, the video you can upload to WhatsApp Status is even smaller and shorter, that is the video you put in WhatsApp Status should be no longer than 30 seconds.


WhatsApp Status


Cut Videos for WhatsApp Status

Since WhatsApp won't let you upload videos longer than 30 seconds. One way to bypass this limitation is to split your long videos into multiple 30 seconds clips and then upload to WhatsApp Status one by one.


You can do that without an app. Just upload your long video to WhatsApp status, there will be a white slider to for you select 30 seconds clip from the long video. Select the first 30 seconds of your long video and upload it. Then upload the next 30 seconds as your 2nd status. Repeat it until you have put the full video in WhatsApp Status.


WhatsApp Status Select Clips


However, WhatsApp can't split your long video precisely. You may have to cut your video into several awkward clips. To avoid that, you can manually cut videos for WhatsApp Status by downloading a video cutter.


PawEditor is a video editing program that can let you cut WhatsApp Status videos in any way you like. You can change the starting or ending point of a video to get only the highlight of the video; you can trim a video and split it into multiple clips; you can cut out the unneeded part of a video to shorten the video. With it, you can easily handle the long videos for WhatsApp Status.


Windows Version Download


Edit Clip in PawEditor


Moreover, it has Hollywood-style effects, filters, transitions, animations you can use to level up your WhatsApp Status videos.


Add Effect to PawEditor


How to set full/long video in WhatsApp Status?

If you don't want to split a long video in WhatsApp Status and really want a solution to bypass the video length limit, you can use WA Tweaks, an app that is designed to bypass WhatsApp limit, such as 30 seconds length limit for WhatsApp Status. The app also allows you to change the theme of WhatsApp, send photos in full resolution, etc.


WA Tweaks


However, freedom comes at a price - you have to root your Android to make the WA Tweaks app works on your device. Since the app is not official, there are risks that your phone may be bricked or apps can't work normally after using the tweak.


Using a tweak that needs to root your phone is risky. The best way to set long video in WhatsApp Status is to cut the video into several clips and upload them one by one. Hope you enjoy!

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