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[New Released] PawEditor: A Smart Video Editor for Everyone

By FonePaw | Apr 03 , 2019

Following the success of its Screen Recorder, FonePaw adds a new member to its multimedia product line, that is PawEditor. This is a video editor for Windows PC with powerful features that enable everyone, from beginners to experts, to create videos with their own styles. It is an idiot-proof tool that everyone can grasp without training or knowledge for movie making.


Compatible with: Windows 11, 10, 8, 7.
Free download is available.


Windows Version Download


Run PawEditor


Interface Overview

PawEditor has a clear interface, which can be mainly divided into 3 panels.


PawEditor Homepage


  • Media Library: the library contains video clips, audio, and images that you are going to create a new video with.
  • Timeline: the workspace for editing video clips, in which you can add tracks for editing.
  • Preview Window: a player for you to preview the edited video.


Its interface shows how you can easily create a video in the program: import your media files into the Library, make a change on the videos in the timeline and as you make edits, you can playback the video to preview the change.


Basic Video Editing

PawEditor is capable of doing basic editing on a video. It can:


  • Trim: cut out the unneeded part of the video or divide a video into different parts;
  • Crop: remove unwanted part of the image in the video;
  • Resize: Change the resolution of the video or rescale the video;
  • Copy & paste: copy video or audio clips and combine them;
  • Rotate: fix video in the wrong orientation;
  • Extract audio: separate audio from video and extract audio files from the video;
  • Speed up or slow down: change the playback speed of the video;
  • Add text to video: you can add titles in different fonts, colors, background, size;
  • Add audio to video: add audio files to make a video with background music or voiceover;
  • Add logo: make a video with logo to increase exposure of your brand.


Edit Clip in PawEditor


Special Features

With the above editing features of PawEditor, you can create a decent video for teaching, presentation or promotion, but there are more you can do to make your video creative, intriguing or even mind-blowing!


PawEditor also offers plenty of effects, animations, transitions, filters to level up your video.


Add Effect to PawEditor


  • Keyframe animation: show keyframes to generate professional animation for your video.
  • Effect: one click to apply awesome effects to your movie;
  • Transition: provide built-in transitions to link different stories in your video together;
  • Filter: apply a color to your video to make it unique.


Usage Scenarios

With powerful features, PawEditor comes in handy when you need to make a video for various occasions.


  • Online video for YouTube, Twitch, Vimeo, Instagram, etc.
  • Tutorial video for educational purpose;
  • Presentation;
  • Product promotion;
  • Vocation video....

The sky is the limit.


Try PawEditor out. You'll find video production is not just for the professionals. Everyone can create a wonderful video with their creation and a smart tool!

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