Pokemon Go Logo

Jul 27 , 2016

Tips to Get Started with Pokémon Go on iPhone

For the past month, you can barely walk on the street without seeing people holding out their phone while walking. Maybe you are one of them, who are trying to capturing Pokémon at...

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iOS 10 Beta 3

Jul 25 , 2016

Get to Know About iOS 10 Beta Bugs

Apple has just unveiled the third beta of iOS 10 to developers for testing purposes. It comes with a few new features, like redesigned Music and News apps, the first Home app for H...

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iOS 10 Face Recognition

Jul 19 , 2016

iOS 10 Allows You to Classify Album with Face Recognition

Photo app on iOS system doesn’t give us much surprise in the past, but this year, iOS 10 improves the photo app with several terrific features, including facial, object, scene re...

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Jul 14 , 2016

Not Nutella, Not Nonpareils, It is Android Nougat!

Google officially announced the name of Android 7.0 on Twitter and Snapchat. It is called Android Nougat. Before that, Android 7.0 was referred as Android N on public media, with a...

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Apple Watch 2

Jul 12 , 2016

Apple Watch 2: Longer Battery Life, Micro LED Screen

The first generation of Apple Watch was a great success. Naturally, there is high hope for Apple Watch 2. The new Apple Watch is expected to be released in this September along wit...

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Samsung Note 7

Jul 07 , 2016

Samsung Galaxy Note 7: Name and Other Details Confirmed

Mr. Evan Blass, the world’s most famous leaker, has done a very productive job lately. His latest twitter has confirmed plenty of details about Samsung Note 7, which includes...

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iPhone 7 Concept

Jul 05 , 2016

iPhone 7 Leaks and Rumors: Lightning EarPod and More

As iPhone 7 is coming close, rumors are flying over the internet. There are speculations about the upcoming flagship’s name, color, camera, storage and more. Before we are ov...

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OnePlus 3 Picture Sample

Jun 27 , 2016

OnePlus 3 Camera: OnePlus Nails It This Time

Released on June 14th, OnePlus 3 seems pretty confident with its camera. On its press conference, high-spec camera is a key point. Now that phone camera becomes a determinant facto...

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Huawei P9 Ad Stars

Jun 21 , 2016

HUAWEI P9: What Does Leica Camera Mean to Users?

Lately, news about Huawei P9 often comes with a keyword – Leica. On the release of Huawei P9, Huawei especially highlighted its “co-engineering with Leica”, a German cl...

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Android and iOS

Jun 17 , 2016

WWDC 2016 Keynote: What Have Android Users Said about iOS 10

Apple has made important upgrade announcements on 2016 WWDC Keynote Presentation, which includes the release of iOS 10. Normally, WWDC is a gala for iOS users. This year, with the ...

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