Android N

May 19 , 2016

Android N: 250 New Features and VR Mode Added!

Google I/O in 2016 lives up to people’s expectation, bringing Android N to light. Now, Android is going to have an update with 250 new features, which will support VR technol...

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Androd N vs. Android M

May 18 , 2016

Feature Comparison: Android N vs. Android M

Google’s Android 6.0 Marshmallow update was released in October 2015 after a long beta period, and is still slowly rolling out to all smartphones and tablets. Currently, the ...

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Device Enrolled

May 16 , 2016

How to Install Android N on Nexus 5X/6P/6/9

Google has released the Android N Developer Preview already. The firmware is now available to install on Nexus devices, including the Google Pixel C, Nexus Player, Nexus 6P, Nexus ...

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How Eyes See in 3D

May 14 , 2016

Fyuse: Capture 3D Photos on iPhone & Android

Do you know how we human beings see in 3D? It is because of binocular disparity. Binocular disparity is one of the most important pieces of information the visual centers of the br...

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Suggle in Bed Playing Phones

May 12 , 2016

Smartphone Addict Must Learn:Tips to Protect Your Eyes From Screen at Night

Nowadays, people simply cannot get rid of smart phones. Those who usually stay up late at night as long as they have a phone in hand would probably be referred to as smartphone add...

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May 08 , 2016

Fliptastic: Photo & Video Slideshow Maker for iPhone and iPad

Choosing what gifts to send is somehow a nerve-racking thing. Sometime it could drive someone crazy just for deciding on what gifts to send to one’s family, boyfriend/girlfri...

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Patternator App

May 08 , 2016

Patternator: Making Cute Wallpaper for your iPhone or Android

People are “showing off” themselves on various platforms with no more words but pictures! Since then, showing a humorous image to gain more “Likes” is becom...

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FonePaw iPhone Data Recovery

May 04 , 2016

FonePaw Upgrades iPhone Data Recovery to Support iOS 9.3

In version 2.5.0, FonePaw iPhone Data Recovery for Windows allows you to recover deleted data from iCloud backup for iOS 9.0/9.1/9.2 devices. Today, FonePaw upgrades iPhone Data Re...

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Samsung Galaxy Note 6

May 02 , 2016

GALAXY NOTE 6: Full Specs, Release Date and Price

Samsung Galaxy Note 6 is possibly gaining most expectation among upcoming smart phones later this year. With its popularity, we definitely need to take a look at it.   A...

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iOS 10

Apr 27 , 2016

iOS 10: 7 Fantastic New Features You Should Know

Usually, Apple announces its new iteration of iOS every June at its WWDC event in the US, with the final release date scheduled to coincide with the launch of new iPhones in the fo...

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