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[New] Your Mac Partner: FonePaw MacMaster is Released!

By FonePaw | Jun 07 , 2017

Generally, we delete some files and uninstall apps with dragging them to the trash bin but this only can clean up part of them incompletely. Of course, using terminal can play important role in cleaning them up and some users complained that it is a little complicated. Thus, FonePaw created a nice partner, FonePaw MacMaster, to optimize your MacBook Pro/Air. Let's check what it can do for us.


Install MacMaster


The Main Functions of FonePaw MacMaster


Clean up Unnecessary Files

Those unneeded contents include junk files, clutter and large & old files can be cleaned after the deeply scanning. You can check whether the vital data has been scanned out and you are allowed to select certain data type to clean out.


Junk Files: Application Cache; Photo Junks; System Logs; System Cache; User Logs; Trash Bin

Clutter: Mail Attachments; iTunes Backups; Localization

Large & Old Files: > 100 MB; 5 MB to 100 MB; > 1 Year; > 30 Days

Remove Files


Monitor Your Mac Status

Your Mac's health is detected by such smart partner. The battery state, CPU usage and memory usage would be shown on the homepage of MacMaster. If one of them is overuse, you can take the corresponding measure as soon as possible.

Monitor Your Mac


Advantages & Disadvantages

Every coin has both sides, so does it. It is the first time that FonePaw does the researches on Mac use, so MacMaster may have both merits and dismerits.


  1. Few Functions



  1. Scan Faster than many other Mac cleaner programs.
  2. Operate different tasks at the same time.
  3. Free!


Now, you are more familiar with FonePaw MacMaster. Why not to download it to try? We are waiting for your feedback.

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