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Comparison Between LG G6 and Samsung Galaxy S8

By FonePaw | Mar 15 , 2017

It is reported that the most important Android phones in 2017 will soon be released: photos of Samsung Galaxy S8 and LG G6 , specifications and all the details about them have been leaked out. BOth phones will change dramatically: After years of using similar designs, they will mark the beginning of a new era. Here, we will compare the two models. You can also join us to study which one is worth buying.


PART 1. LG G6 vs Galaxy S8 Summary: Specifications


PART 2. LG G6 vs Galaxy S8 Summary: What’s the difference?


1. Appearance
Recently, LG officially released posters for promoting the arrival of its new flagship LG G6. Promotion points include 18: 9 screen, artificial intelligence, waterproof function and more. Now Twitter user Evan Blass posted the latest photo of LG G6 phone. And Samsung is happened to release S8.
When it comes to the appearance, the Samsung S8 comes with screen in ultra-high ratio. It has a very narrow forehead and chin, and the back of the phone fingerprint recognition area is placed on the left side of the camera.
However, LG G6's fillet corner and the new UI design language has not been shown. In addition, other parts are consistent with the rumors.


2. Configurations
It is said that LG G6 will has an all-metal body and a 5.7-inch 1440P FullVision display. Besides, it will have a Snapdragon 821 processor, rear dual-camera, back fingerprint recognition, 3200 + mAh battery, and Google Voice Assistant Google Assistant. And the phone is waterproof.

LG G6 Configuration
When it comes to Samsung Galaxy S8, it will use the dual-curved screen (utilization rate of the screen is 90%), Snapdragon 835 /Exynos9 series processors, 6GB memory. At MWC, Smasung announced the release time of Samsung Galaxy, which may fall on March 29 in New York.

S8 Camera


3. Screen
Samsung does not only choose the latest and most powerful processing chip Snapdragon 835, but also uses a new screen design for Samsung Galaxy. By using almost no border design, Samsung achieves the goal of creating the maximum display area of ??the screen. It is rumored that there will be two other versions with larger screen: 5.8 inches and 6.2 inches separately. At the same time, the body of the device will become narrower and higher so that the size of the phone is still fit in the hands.



LG has given up the "modular mobile phone" concept but apply the glass and metal design which is more popular. LG G6 will also abandon some of the core concept of LG. For example, it does not use removable batteries, but will come with screen at a incredible utilization ratio which is more than 90%. G6 screen ratio may be even higher than the Galaxy S8, which means that the G6 has an almost full front screen. The G6's 5.7-inch screen ratio of its length and width is only 18:9, making it higher, narrower and easier for users to hold the device in the hands.

LG G6 Display


4. Voice Assistant
Other important improvements in the Galaxy S8 should be the new "Bixby" voice assistant. Bixby was developed by Viv (formerly responsible for the development of Siri). It is said that it will have a dedicated physical button, so that users can touch anywhere to activate Bixby and ask questions. Unlike the non-practical S-Voice, Bixby is said to have significant improvements in terms of accuracy and speed.


It is reported said that another important new feature of LG G6 will be Google Assistant. G6 is the first  non-Pixel phone with pre-installed Google Assistant. Google Assistant does not only easily recognizes various accents, but also identifies contextual content so that users can ask for more topics and get more answers.


5. Release time
According to official news, Samsung Galaxy S8 and LG G6 release date will respectively fall on March 29 and February 26.


According to South Korean media reports, Samsung Galaxy S8 will be  on sale on April 21. But in fact, because of supply reasons, this time is one week later than the original time set by the company.


However, although Galaxy S8 is available on April 21, it is still early. The company has already considered the pre-sale schedule, and now the results is not yet been determined. And South Korea's three airlines have prepared for the Samsung S8 pre-sale issues. However, many mobile phone manufacturers still want to continue to observe and analyze the LG G6 market.


When talking about LG G6, it is said that its release date is  February 26. The pre-sale period has been determined, which is from March 2 to March 9. That's to say, consumers have to wait until March 10.


6. Highlights of Each Phone


Galaxy S8:
# 1 Touch screen
Interestingly, the rumors also said taht Galaxy S8 will be equipped with a touch screen which is similar to the iPhone's 3D Touch. It is not clear whether the entire screen or just the bottom of the screen supports touch function, but it will have a touch function. As for the fingerprint sensor, although it is impossible to be embedded in the lower part of the screen glass, but it may be located next to the rear camera.


S8 Screen


# 2 DEX Base
It is said that Galaxy S8 supports the new DeX base mode, which can be connected with an external monitor. Then the phone can perform as a desktop. DeX base mode is similar to Microsoft Continuum. This idea sounds very creative and practical. Many companies have previously endeavored to develop such features for their device, but unfortunately did not succeed.


# 1 Waterproof
LG will also add waterproof features to LG G6 to ensure that the phone's durability. And it will continue to use dual camera . Users will feel its convenience as it will continue to keep the 3.5 mm headphone jack.


LG is facing a golden opportunity: Samsung will postpone the release of Galaxy S8. Releasing before Samsung Galaxy S8 will gain a competitive advantage. Unfortunately, Samsung and Qualcomm to reach an exclusive supply agreement to limit the LG from using the powerful Snapdragon 835 processor. But as long as the price of the deviceis reasonable, the user may not care about it.


PART 3. Which should we buy?

Galaxy S8 Main Specifications:



- There are 5.8 and 6.2 inch versions.
- More than 80% of the screen accounted for.
- Samsung Bixby voice assistant.
- The screen (or only the lower part of the screen) supports the touch function
- DeX allows users to connect their phones to the monitor for a desktop-like experience.
- High-pass Xiao Long 835 chip.
- The fingerprint sensor is located on the back of the body.
- 64GB phone memory and microSD card slot.
- Metal and glass design.
- Water-proof.
- Dual megapixel f/1.7 rear camera with dual pixel autofocus function.


LG G6 Main Specifications:



- Aspect ratio of 18: 9 5.7-inch screen.
- Screen ratio of 90%.
- Glass and metal design.
- Water-proof.
- The first pre-installed Google Assistant non-Pixel phone.
- Double camera after the camera.
- The fingerprint sensor is located on the back.
- Xiao Long 821 chip.
- 3.5 mm headphone jack.
- Do not detach the battery.


To Sum up:

Everyone is concerned about Samsung Galaxy S8. As Galaxy Note7 has involved in the explosion scandal, Samsung said it would improve the quality of the device this time. And it decides to postphone the release time of this year's most important mobile phone for 1 month. Samsung Galaxy S8 will use the new voice assistant Bixby. And it may be equipped with Dex base.


When it comes ot LG G6, it no longer use modular design. And its early release brings it competitive advantage. LG did not experience disaster like Note 7's explosion scandal, but LG G5 is a failure, which trigger big loss. LG must launch a mobile phone that can bring it a favorable turn.

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