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Google AutoDraw: Everyone can Draw Like a Pro with This AI Tool

By FonePaw | May 02 , 2017
It can be really slow and hard to drawing on the Android phone or personal computer. To solve this problem, Google is taking its artificial intelligence systems and applying them to artworks to make drawing easier for everyone-It creates AutoDraw, an AI tool that helps everyone draw like a pro.
1. What's Google AutoDraw
Google AutoDraw has been dubbed as "fast drawing for everyone". This is a web-based program that pairs machine learning with drawings created by talented artists to help you draw. Your terrible digital drawings can be turned into recognisable objects.

Google AutoDraw works on your Android phone (Samsung Galaxy S7, LG G6, Huawei Honor 8, etc.), computer or tablet. This tool is free of charge. It can help you make a birthday card, party invite or just doodle on your Android device. It is very easy-to-use. It works by providing a blank canvas, not dissimilar to Microsoft Paint, and allowing for line drawings to be made using a mouse or finger if a touchscreen is being used.
As well as simple lines, text, a paint bucket for filling, different colours and pre-determined shapes can be added to the canvas. When creating a masterpiece using the Auto Draw brush, Google's system attempts to identify what is being depicted and offers a better version of it.
According to Google, AutoDraw works through comparing what is being drawn with pictures that have been created by a selection of artists it has worked with. The firm's machine learning technology has been trained on a dataset of images and is able to compare them to what is being drawn by the user.
2. How to Access Google AutoDraw
To create a drawing in a mobile browser, you'll go to



1) On a blank page, you'll see a pencil with stars around it. Tap on that button and you'll get a list of options.
2) Pick AutoDraw to doodle by hand and you'll automatically see pictures that the system thinks you're trying draw.
3) Tap on the image that you were trying to draw. If the item you were trying to draw doesn't appear, you can hit the back arrow to try again.
4) Once your image is on the page, you can tap on the AutoDraw button again, the tap Select to select and move the drawing.
5) You can also resize the drawing by selecting it and moving the squares on the outer corners of the drawing.

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