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FonePaw MacMaster 1.3.0: Duplicate Files Can Be Removed Now

By FonePaw | Sep 12 , 2017

FonePaw MacMaster simplifies your life to manage Mac computers, which enables you to clean up unnecessary files to speed up your iMac or MacBook. Recently, it has been updated with a fantastic feature - Duplicate Finder. Now:


The repeated items on our Macs can be found and removed easily.


Let's experience the new feature right now.
Launch FonePaw MacMaster and move to "Check for Update" to get the latest version - 1.3.0. On the other hand, you can directly download the newest MacMaster from FonePaw official website.

MacMaster Version


When you open the program, your Mac's details are listed: the name of the Mac, CPU usage, memory usage, battery situation (for MacBook users). All functions are displayed on the left sidebar.


Compared with V1.2.0 and the former version, there is a new option, named "Duplicate Finder" which aims to remove the repeated items on Mac. For the lazy users, it is really convenient since it can locate the items with one-click scanning while you don't need to find them out one by one. Before using it, you might be wondering:


What kinds of data type can be found in Duplicate Finder?
How do I know which one should be deleted from the duplicate items?


You can get the answers after trial.

MacMaster Homepage

When you finish scanning the files on your computer, please hit Review to check the results.

Review Files


What kinds of data type can be found in Duplicate Finder?

"View By" option would help you categorize the items by Pictures, Music and Other. Other includes documents, PDF, and some compressed files.


For example, if you choose Music, all repeated songs and videos are on the list. You will notice there may be more than two items belonging to the same song. Thus, part of them take up much space, especially those with 4 items. That's to say, they should be dealt with.

Sort Files


How do I know which one should be deleted from the duplicate items?

Moreover, every item is showed with its name, saving path, size and time. To avoid mistakenly deleting vital files or to make sure which one should be removed, please hit the magnifier icon to check the contents in the folder. The magnifier icon will occur when you put the mouse on certain item. Then, tick what you need and get it cleaned and it will show how much storage space is deallocated.

Clean Up Items

Besides to add a new feature to the program, the newest version also fixed some bugs in the previous version. Furthermore, the new function to uninstall applications is going to be released in these days.  To get more news about FonePaw, please subscribe to FonePaw newsletter or follow us via Facebook, Twitter, Google+.


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