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Why is Autofill Not Working on My Chrome? - Resolved

By FonePaw | Feb 16 , 2018

"I have saved Autofill data and also enable Autofill in settings but Chrome does not fill information. I use Windows 10 and Chrome is my default browser. HELP!!!"


This is a real case from Google Chrome Help Forum. Some have bumped into this rare snag that Chrome autofill is not working. By default, Chrome will auto fill in information when you enable the Autofill option in setting, which is really of convenience.


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However, now it's just making nuisances to users. Accordingly, this trouble has been reported by users who are using Windows 10/8/7/Vista/XP, macOS X/Sierra/High Sierra, Android and iPhone. To settle down this headache, there are FIVE reliable troubleshooting tips for you.


Workaround 1: Sign out and in Google Account
Workaround 2: Reset to Original Default Settings
Workaround 3: Reset Data Syncing
Workaround 4: Clear Browsing Data
Workaround 5: Remove Faulty Extensions


Workaround 1: Sign out and in Google Account

Somehow this is something to do with your account, for Google server is not probably associated with your ID. Therefore, it's worth trying to temporarily log your current account out. Then, close Chrome and restart your device. After that, log back in your account and see whether it's working now.


Sign Out Account in Chrome App


Workaround 2: Reset to Original Default Settings

Resetting Chrome settings is also a great shot. However, this solution is only available on Windows or Mac computers If it's okay for you to reset Chrome settings to original defaults, please go on reading.
STEP 1. Navigate to "┆" > "Settings".
STEP 2. Click to unfold "Advanced",
STEP 3. Scroll down to "Reset".
STEP 4. Read the statement and click "RESET".


Reset Chrome Settings


Workaround 3: Reset Data Syncing

There is a high possibility that Chrome service is acting up and having trouble syncing your data with your device. You might as well try reset sync again. Here's how:
STEP 1. Click and redirect to "" in the browser.
STEP 2. Scroll/Swipe down to the bottom and select "RESET SYNC".
STEP 3. Read the introduction and click "OK" to start resetting sync.


Reset Sync


Workaround 4: Clear Browsing Data

This solution may sound a little bit strange, but some users really got out of trouble via clearing browsing data. Believe it or not. This is an easy trick that can be done in seconds.

  • On Win/Mac: Go to "┆" > "Settings" > "More tools" > "Clear browsing data".
  • On Android/iPhone: Go to "┆" > "History" > "Clear browsing data".


Clear Browsing Data on Chrome App


Workaround 5: Remove Faulty Extensions

If Autofill is not working after you installed an extension, you should be aware that this extension may be responsible for the problem. You should thus remove it immediately. Also, if you're not sure which one is the potential culprit, you can go to "┆" > "Settings" > "More tools" > "Task manager". Then, end extensions one by one and check it out on Windows/Mac.


Close Problematic Plugin Extensions


FonePaw welcomes any feedback or questions. If you're having any lingering misgivings, please drop your puzzle below. I'll get back to you as soon as possible. If you like this post, it will be greatly appreciated that you share it with your friends.

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Unknown Soldier
Unknown Soldier
5 year before

To fix this you need to enable "Save and fill addresses"

I had the same issue because I had disabled the above setting.

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