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9 Things to Know About Android 10

By FonePaw | Nov 01 , 2019

Google has finally released the latest version of its immensely popular mobile operating system by the name of Android 10. To our surprise, the version does not have a tasty dessert name associated with it. Yes, you read that correctly. This is because Android Q is officially known as Android 10.


Things to Know About Android 10


Undoubtedly, the parent company has kept things quite simple and mainly focused on the privacy features a lot. Nevertheless, you cannot overlook the dangers of online threats be it hacking or surveillance related to your Android phone. Hence, it is extremely crucial to take all the necessary steps to make your Android phone secure.


When it comes to protecting your Android phone from all sorts of privacy risks, a best VPN for Android becomes your last resort. When you use a VPN on Android smartphones, you can bypass online snooping, ISP throttling and other surveillance hassles a great deal.


Having said that, without further ado; let us discuss the 9 exceptional things you should know about Android 10. These are:


Android 10


1.A Dark Mode (finally)

You can activate the dark mode feature once you have enabled the battery saver option on your device. Likewise, you can perform a quick-tile setting to do the same hassle-free. Interestingly, Google has applied the said feature on trial and error basis through a system-wide dark mode in the past but has officially included it in its latest Android Q version.


2.Smart Reply Availability for all Messaging Apps

Smart Reply is one of the most efficient Google features as it predicts what you will say when you receive a message. For example, someone sends you a message that includes a YouTube Video or an address. You can just open the YouTube video or go to Google Maps directly.


Luckily, you will not have to copy and paste the address or video link at all. The best thing about Smart Reply is that it works on all your desired messaging apps without any hassle.


3.Existence of Focus Mode

You can contemplate Focus Mode in the form of the Digital Wellbeing suite extension. It allows you to focus by muting less significant apps you assume distracting. Furthermore, you can easily hide their notifications from the home screen of your smartphones straightaway.


4.Quicker Access to Settings

It is so simple to toggle Bluetooth, Wi-Fi, and other connectivity solutions. Thanks to Google, it has made the whole process more user-friendly when you are using the apps. You just have to enter the settings panel and these apps can easily summon the new popup window in certain scenarios.

For instance, Google suggests you launch a browser when you use your smartphone on airplane mode. In these situations, the browser informs users about activating Wi-Fi then it summons the setting panels automatically.


5.A Standard Depth Format

While using Android 10, you will appreciate its new depth format feature. You may also call it as the Dynamic depth format since "apps can request a Dynamic Depth image that could be comprised of a JPEG or XMP metadata. This metadata relates to depth-related elements.
Moreover, both the depth and confidence map exists in the same file on devices that advertise support ". This new format will enable third-party apps to alter depth data to develop "specialized blurs and bokeh options".


6.An Enhanced File Apps

Surprisingly, Google files app was a no-frills affair in the past. Besides, the company did not offer a shortcut in the app drawer. As of now, you can use the next level Android 10 Files app feature that provides a shortcut, however, it also delivers a highly optimized user interface alongside universal search bar at the top and quick access to other apps option too.


7.Overhauled Permissions

As I said earlier, Google has made privacy-related tweaks quite considerably. Therefore, Android 10 may grant certain permissions to an app depending on its use-case by default. As a result, a text-messaging app could send or receive texts and at the same time access your contacts as well. Apart from this, users can also grant location access to an app overall.


8.Security Updates through Play Store

Google has made its intentions reasonably clear when it comes to protecting its users' privacy to an unimaginable extent. This is the reason why they have tried to offer some major security updates with the help of the Play Store. Thus, it decreases the waiting time for security updates. In addition, it does not need a cumbersome and lengthy installation process to update similar kinds of apps.


9.Wet and Overheating USB Warnings

The operating system will send a warning notification in case your USB port becomes wet for any reason. Consequently, all the connected accessories will be disabled automatically unless you enable them yourself, or unless the phone recognizes that the port is not wet anymore.


If your USB port is heating then you will receive a warning from Android 10 instantly. In this situation, you will have to unplug your smartphone from the charger.


Wrapping Up

All these above-described features make Android 10 highly attractive. Still, you must follow simple privacy tactics to transform the security of your Android phones next level. There are different brands like Nokia, OnePlus, and others that take their users' privacy quite seriously. For that reason, you should buy Android phones from these manufacturers.


Besides, you should install an antivirus on your Android phones. This way, you will not install any malicious apps on your smartphones by mistake. In the last but not the least, you should depend on reliable Android VPNs to protect your digital whereabouts while using your favorite Android phones completely.

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