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June 2018

Since the launch of the iPhone X, new technologies such as its "Full Screen" and "Face ID" have attracted a lot of complaints, but one feature has been hugely popular. A number of iPhone X buyers hav Read More >
Measure App on iOS 12
If you want to know how large your garden is, but it is hard for you to measure such a big area with a tape measure; if you plan to re-decorate your living room, and you wonder whether your dreamed s Read More >
FonePaw Data Recovery 1.1.6
A new update has come to FonePaw Data Recovery, which you can now update to version 1.1.6.   In addition to fixing bugs found in the last version, FonePaw Data Recovery 1.1.6 is added with the f Read More >
Useful iPhone Tips
Can you imagine at least one day without your iPhone? The answer of most people would be "No". This is due to the fact that mobile technologies have taken a solid place in our lives and have become v Read More >
Create iPhone Keyboard Shortcuts
Sometimes at work, we have to type some repeated information when we edit messages, such as the client's company name or the name of terms. Even in daily life, we frequently type some common expressi Read More >
Check 32-bit or 64-bit Apps on iPhone
As iOS 11 is released, 32-bit apps are no longer supported on iPhone. And since January 2018, 32-bit apps cannot be accepted in the macOS. In order to avoid the situation in which the APPs cannot be Read More >
iOS 12 Screen Time
The latest iOS 12 was released at Apple's WWDC on June 5th. There is no much difference between iOS 12 and the iOS 11 which was rolled out last year. But one of the biggest highlights of iOS 12 is a Read More >
iPhone X Design
Notch is a cutout at the top of the mobile phone's display, which initially is Apple's design of sensor housing for its face recognition used in iPhone X. But since iPhone X has introduced this desig Read More >
Android Malware
From text messages and intimate pictures to direct access to your email inbox and social media accounts, your smartphone contains lots of personal information you wouldn't like to share with anyone. Read More >
Recently, OnePlus has launched its latest product: the OnePlus 6. It is inevitably involved in the head-to-head competition with Samsung Galaxy S9, which is regarded as the top of 2018's flagship pho Read More >