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October 2015

Live Photo as Live Wallpaper
With all iPhone 6s and iPhone 6s Plus finding their way into user's hands and with tens of millions users have gotten an iPhone 6s, it is time to show you the hidden features that should help you hav Read More >
Halloween Movies
Saturday marks Halloween and while many people are planning to attend a big party. Why not watch some of the scariest movies around these days. If you are looking for horror Halloween movies 2015, he Read More >
Android Battery Usage
For Android users, who have their eyes on the battery endurance of phone, the new rule or Android 6.0 will be a good one below. Google will not allow OEMs to hide information from battery stats in Ma Read More >
Connect USB Drive to Android
Though the mobile device has much more space than ever before, it is still so easy to be filled up. Wouldn't it be a good idea to connect a USB flash drive to your Android phone to provide further st Read More >
Food and Drink Emojis
The new iOS 9.1 update is now available, improving Live Photos on the iPhone 6s with motion sensing capabilities to identify when a user raises and lowers their phone, and also adding more than 150 n Read More >
iPhone 7 No Home Button Model
Apple's iPhone 7 is bound to be released in about a year from now, at least if we take into account the company's usual unveiling and launch cycle. Furthermore, since the latest iPhone money can buy Read More >
Download Ad Blocker
iOS 9 brings "content blockers" for Safari that can block ads, trackers, videos, pop-ups and more. However, please note that this ad blocker isn't "baked in" to iOS 9 which means that you have to dow Read More >
FonePaw iOS Transfer 1.6.0
FonePaw has officially released its multi-functional iPad, iPod and iPhone transfer program – iOS Transfer to version 1.6.0. The latest version of FonePaw iOS Transfer fixed some bugs, added the func Read More >
Connect to OTG
You're outside taking breath-taking photo with your DSLR camera. You may also want to transfer/import/copy photos from camera to your Android phone or tablet in order to share these splendid pictures Read More >
Add Attachment to iPhone Email
Though we usually send email along with an attachment, past versions of iOS never let us add attachments to iPhone or iPad easily. Thanks to iOS 9, we've now go an easy way to attach an email files f Read More >
Preview Lost Contacts from Android
During the last few months, we had been besieged with the same question: "Will FonePaw Android Data Recovery work on my Mac". Finally, we can answer you with a big "Yes". Yes, FonePaw Android Data Re Read More >
HTC One A9
It is reaching the data to release HTC One A9, now the market of phone is filled with this new Android phone especially from its competitor. And recently, most of HTC One A9's pictures are exposure, Read More >
iOS 9 Jailbreak
Pangu team has released a jailbreak of iOS 9.0-9.0.2 for iPhone, iPad and iPod touch. Pangu 9, the first untethered jailbreak tool for iOS 9 was announced at the twitter of Pangu Team:   Here w Read More >
iPhone Marketed Shares
According to the latest research conducted from Localytics, both of iPhone 6s and iPhone 6s Plus from Apple are selling good. But for the data shows below, iPhone 6s with 4.7 inches is selling better Read More >
Apple Leather Case
The iPhone 6s is in your hand and it is time to take about how to select an beautiful iPhone 6s case. Whether it's just for basic protection or to enhance your style, as well as powerful tool to expr Read More >