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October 2017

Auto Answer Calls
Many people all over the world own an iPhone, but most are unfamiliar with this all-sing and all-dancing little gadget. Though an iPhone is an all-day companion for the majority, little do users spen Read More >
Take iPhone Screenshot
Do you notice that we actually get used a lot to taking a screenshot as the fastest way to record or preserve some instant information? Now, let's image that you're having a conversation with someone Read More >
iPhone 8 iPhone 8 Plus Fast Charger
iPhone 8/8 Plus/X supports fast charging, which can satisfy users' requirement of faster battery refilling. This feature is the same standard as the Google Pixel, but differs from Samsung, Sony, OneP Read More >
FonePaw iPhone Data Recovery 4.2.0
FonePaw iOS Data Backup & Restore feature has come with FonePaw iPhone Data Recovery V4.1.0, which is a big change of this program. Recently, FonePaw has updated iPhone Data Recovery to 4.2.0 ver Read More >
Install MacMaster
After Duplicate Finder and Uninstaller had been released, FonePaw MacMaster is improved with two more new features now. With these new functions, you are able to manage your Mac files comprehensively Read More >
iPhone 8 VS Google Pixel 2
With the advent of big screen phones, it seems that increasing users pursue bigger phablets, thus those phones with bigger displays are becoming more prevalent. Nevertheless, some people still prefer Read More >
LG V30 VS LG G6 Specs
Boasting the high-end specs and several essential camera features, LG V30 is one of the most enticing phones launched at IFA 2017. While comparing with the LG V30 and LG G6, which one is the best fla Read More >
Portrait Lighting iPhone X iPhone 8 Plus
The new feature of iPhone 8 Plus/X is professional level of lighting effects, which offers you a good chance to be a professional photographer. With the help of the Portrait Light, you can take diver Read More >