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July 2016

Pokemon Go Logo
For the past month, you can barely walk on the street without seeing people holding out their phone while walking. Maybe you are one of them, who are trying to capturing Pokémon at a shop, gym, and a Read More >
iOS 10 Beta 3
Apple has just unveiled the third beta of iOS 10 to developers for testing purposes. It comes with a few new features, like redesigned Music and News apps, the first Home app for HomeKit, improved Lo Read More >
iOS 10 Face Recognition
Photo app on iOS system doesn't give us much surprise in the past, but this year, iOS 10 improves the photo app with several terrific features, including facial, object, scene recognition, and "Memory Read More >
Google officially announced the name of Android 7.0 on Twitter and Snapchat. It is called Android Nougat. Before that, Android 7.0 was referred as Android N on public media, with an internal codename Read More >
Apple Watch 2
The first generation of Apple Watch was a great success. Naturally, there is high hope for Apple Watch 2. The new Apple Watch is expected to be released in this September along with iPhone 7. And it Read More >
iPhone 7 Concept
As iPhone 7 is coming close, rumors are flying over the internet. There are speculations about the upcoming flagship's name, color, camera, storage and more. Before we are overwhelmed by all kinds of Read More >