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July 2015

Are you a digital hoarder with more songs, photos, and files on your iPad than you know what to do with? Are you feared of being buried in files? Don't worry! iPad file manager apps can help you orga Read More >
Sunrise Calendar
Every iPhone comes with Apple's own Calendar app, which offers functionality to help you schedule meetings, remember appointments and more. But everyone has a different workflow and needs more powerf Read More >
Mission Alarm Clock
Do you struggle every morning to wake up on time? Are you bored of the same old alarm clock? Here we introduce you 5 iPhone alarms clocks, which can not only guarantee to wake you up but can do so in Read More >
Hold Your Phone Horizontally and Steadily
Making video with smartphone is commonplace with the dramatic improvements of mobile phone's camera and an increasing majority of us opting to record our memories on mobile devices. From concert foot Read More >
FonePaw iOS Transfer Mac 1.4.0
On July 13, 2015, FonePaw rolls out the new version of iOS Transfer (Mac), which is available shortly from the FonePaw online store. If you have already installed FonePaw iOS Transfer (Mac) before th Read More >
Not Compatible with iTunes
Since iTunes 12.2 has been released, many FonePaw iPhone Data Recovery users found they get an error warning said that "We need the latest iTunes version to normally scan your device." They are confu Read More >
FonePaw iOS Transfer Setup
Longed for by many, the new Windows version 1.4.0 of FonePaw iOS Transfer is ready for all users on July 6, 2015. You can diredtly download it from FonePaw website and install it on your windows comp Read More >