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Samsung First Foldable Phone is Coming Soon

By FonePaw | Dec 01 , 2015

Samsung and Apple like these companies pay more attention to the patent which will attract the lawsuit in accident. Some of them may focus on preregistering the patent or some other creative design. Samsung recently release a patent which is a flexible panel for portable devices. The screen will certainly be OLED, there are no bendy LCDs.


Earlier this year a Samsung official announced that the company is building a bendable phone – think a flip phone with one continuous screen that covers the insides of both halves. A popular leakster on Weibo claims to have internal knowledge of the endeavor, dubbed Project Valley (aka Project V).



The Sony Tablet P was a similar attempt back in 2012, but it used two separate screens (with an ugly bezel in the middle), the tech wasn't ready back then. But this is one approach to continue growing smartphone screens without stretching out people's pockets.


Although the patent is only a hypothesis for us, but it's better than no innovation.


Source: GSMArena

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