Galaxy Note 5 Camera Quick Launch

Nov 02 , 2015

Take Better Photos - Samsung Galaxy Note 5 Camera Tips

Samsung Galaxy Note 5 has an absolutely great camera on offer, from 16MP rear camera with sensor behind a wide f/1.9 aperture, plus optical image stabilization to auto real-time HD...

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Live Photo as Live Wallpaper

Oct 30 , 2015

8 Hidden iPhone 6s Tips And Tricks

With all iPhone 6s and iPhone 6s Plus finding their way into user’s hands and with tens of millions users have gotten an iPhone 6s, it is time to show you the hidden features...

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Halloween Movies

Oct 29 , 2015

Halloween Film: List of New Horror Movies 2015 and Scary Movie Free Download Tips

Saturday marks Halloween and while many people are planning to attend a big party. Why not watch some of the scariest movies around these days. If you are looking for horror Hallow...

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Android Battery Usage

Oct 28 , 2015

All Battery Stats in Android Marshmallow Must be Transparent

For Android users, who have their eyes on the battery endurance of phone, the new rule or Android 6.0 will be a good one below. Google will not allow OEMs to hide information from ...

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Connect USB Drive to Android

Oct 28 , 2015

Use OTG to Watch Movies on USB Disk

Though mobile device has much more space than ever before, it is still so easy to be filled up. Wouldn’t it be a good idea to connect a USB flash drive to your Android phone ...

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Oct 28 , 2015

How to Use Keyboard and Mouse on Android with OTG

Though the touchscreen keyboard on your smartphone is great for texting, wouldn’t it be greater to attach a USB keyboard to your Android phones or tablets? After all, bigger ...

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Emojis in Android

Oct 27 , 2015

More Emojis are Expected Come into Android 6.0

The new iOS 9.1 recently appeared for iOS devices’ users, not only did it fix some bugs, but also bring more¬†wallpapers and new emojis ¬†in iOS 9.1. Every emoticon has its own...

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Food and Drink Emojis

Oct 25 , 2015

Apple Releases iOS 9.1 with New Emoji

The new iOS 9.1 update is now available, improving Live Photos on the iPhone 6s with motion sensing capabilities to identify when a user raises and lowers their phone, and also add...

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iPhone 7 No Home Button Model

Oct 23 , 2015

iPhone 7 Improved Battery Life, Sapphire Display, No Home Button

Apple’s iPhone 7 is bound to be released in about a year from now, at least if we take into account the company’s usual unveiling and launch cycle. Furthermore, since t...

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Download Ad Blocker

Oct 22 , 2015

How to Enable Safari Ad-Blockers in iOS 9

iOS 9 brings “content blockers” for Safari that can block ads, trackers, videos, pop-ups and more. However, please note that this ad blocker isn’t “baked in...

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