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4-inch iPhone

Jan 22 , 2016

4-inch Apple iPhone Was Exposured via a Video Clip

A 40 seconds video was posted on a social media, which is about the rumor of 4-inch iPhone. That makes Apple users expected more about it, and what is the device going to be called...

Disable Automatic Syncing to Make iTunes Faster

Jan 21 , 2016

iTunes Slow? Tips to Make iTunes 12 Launch and Run Faster

As the only official music platform on Apple, iTunes is popular among iPhone users for its rich music resource, powerful sync function etc. But recently many users found that iTune...

Motorola Moto G Turbo Edition

Jan 20 , 2016

Moto G Turbo Edition Gets Android 6.0 Marshmallow

For the Motorola Moto G Turbo Edition owners who have been waiting for Android Marshmallow for a long time, you may experience this update which has started reaching to the market ...

Turn on iCould Photo Library

Jan 19 , 2016

iCloud Photo Library VS Photo Stream:How to Make Sense of your Photos

With the advent of iCloud Photo Library, many iPhone users feel confused when managing their photos. They have options to sync photos to iCloud Photos Library while they can also c...

Go to Settings-General-Accessibility

Jan 18 , 2016

How to Put your iPhone into Night Mode

Nowadays, night mode is becoming a more and more popular feature for many smartphone apps for the sake of eyes protection. It would do less harm to our eyes if a more subtle and da...

Disable Siri on iPhone and iPad

Jan 17 , 2016

How to Disable Siri Completely on iPhone & iPad

It goes without questions that Siri voice assistant brings a lot of amazing and interesting features. However, there are still some people wish to turn off Siri assistant for indiv...

Google Now Weather

Jan 15 , 2016

Google Now Weather Card Becomes More Colorful

According to Ubergizmo, Google is testing a new design for the weather card of Android, which in order to make the card looks more pretty but functional.   Check the...

Nike Running

Jan 14 , 2016

5 Best Run Tracking Apps for iPhone

With the rise of the concept of health and fitness, running is now becoming a sought-after topic for many people. Some may run for personal best, others may run for marathon training...

Foldable Samsung Smartphone

Jan 13 , 2016

First Foldable Samsung Phone Could Arrive by End of 2016

Over the past couple of years, it has been rumored many times that Samsung is working on foldable smartphone. Samsung owns several patents about foldable smartphone, but this produ...

Multi-camera Optical Zoom System

Jan 12 , 2016

New Patent from Apple: iPhone 7 Would Use Two Cameras

Good news! Apple explored a new multi-camera optical zoom system for future iPhone. For almost all Mobile photographers, they might be excited for that. Apple is testing this new f...