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What Will Nokia Bring to us?

By FonePaw | Feb 03 , 2017

NOKIA has confirmed that it will return to the mobile phone market. It will bring something new to us, including ViKi, E2 and Nokia 6. Below are detailed introduction of them.


1. ViKi
Apple Siri, Google Assitant, Microsoft Cortana, Amazon Alexa, coupled with Samsung Bixby, and other many technology vendors in today have launched their own intelligent voice assistant. NOKIA has just announced the return of the smart phone market and it will also launch its own voice assistant which has already get its name.VikiNOKIA's voice assistant will be called Viki which should be a voice assistant platform. In the description of the scope of the trademark, we see a description that it based on the creation of software, mobile networks and the data integration of digital assistants, and provide a single chat and voice interface

In February, MWC released a new smart phone and this time is a good opportunity to release Viki.


2. E2
At present, HMD Global, the Finland company, has confirmed that they will launched at least two NOKIA Android smart phones this year and it is only a small part of we actually know. Not long ago, there is news that NOKIA will practically launch a total of six or seven new machines in 2017and they will be unveiled before the end of the year.


According to a new report, E1 will be the cheapest of all NOKIA Android smart phones this year and the price will be about $150 (about 1037 yuan). It is reported that this positioning entry-level new machine will be equipped with 5.2 inches or 5.3 inches screen with a resolution of 720p. And the machine will be equipped with Qualcomm snapdragon 425 processor of 1.4GHz, Adreno 308 GPU and 2GB internal storage.

In addition, this NOKIA E1 will have a fuselage storage space of 16GB, main camera of 13 million pixel and a front camera with a 5 million pixel for self timer or video call. For its system, NOKIA E1 will be preloaded Android 7 Nougat operating system.


3. Nokia 6
In our impression, NOKIA mobile phone has a good quality which can be smashed the ground to break a hole, not to mention walnuts. And it is just a small case. So how about the quality of NOKIA has just released? Can it also hit the walnut? NOKIA mobile phone official gives the answer.

Nokia 6

According to official sources, Nokia 6,a NOKIA's first Android smartphone, can withstand the pressure of 150 cows or the rotation of the 200 round, and it is one of the strongest pressure resistant products. It can withstand the extreme temperature of +85℃and -40℃and high humidity of 95-97%.

The NOKIA 6 is equipped with a IPS screen of 5.5 inches, camera combination of front8 million pixel and rear 16 million pixel, 430 Xiaolong chip, memory combinations of 4GB and 64GB, Android 7 running system and 3000mAh battery.

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