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More Emojis are Expected Come into Android 6.0

By FonePaw | Oct 27 , 2015

The new iOS 9.1 recently appeared for iOS devices' users, not only did it fix some bugs, but also bring more wallpapers and new emojis  in iOS 9.1. Every emoticon has its own meaning, and more and more users are prefer to use emoji rather than some words with emotion. It is precisedly because of the requirements from users, Google promises that they will add more emojis into Android system.

Emojis in Android


Hiroshi Lockheimer, the senior vice president of Android department of Google, wrote on tritter:" So I have a feeling y'all want new emojis? a) Thanks for the feedback, b) We're on it, and c) Sorry!".


This may portend Android 6.0 will considered to add more emojis in next update. Some of users thought this function is not worth mentioning. But the question is, people who use different phone systems like iOS and Android, they found the emojis will not be shown between two different system, that's really affect the communication.


In sum up, emojis are absolutely necessary in our life, just around the corner.

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