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Make Button-free iPhone Possible with Gorilla Glass

By FonePaw | Jul 24 , 2015

According to Apple Insider, Apple may stop keeping the design of Home button in future. However, this expectation will not come true until 2017.

iPhone without Home Button


What this new tech needs to be is how to solve the feature of Touch ID if Apple combine gorilla glass with fingerprint in the future. It is reported from the latest news that a company, named Sonavation, has already achieve this technology that fingerprint can be recognized under the glass. That’ll be a large extent for Apple. Sonavation claimed that its 3D scanning technology can remain accurate in all situations, even if a finger is moist, oily, or dirty.

Fingerprint Images Through Gorilla Glass


Still, there are potential barriers as well however, such as whether the technology will work with sapphire if Apple chooses to switch away from Gorilla Glass. Or what can replace all features of Home button.

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