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How to Print from iPad/iPhone

By FonePaw | Jun 23 , 2015

Some say that printers are soon to be extinct. I don't thinks so. As much as we would prefer to send everything electronically, students still need to print their paper, company staffs have to print their daily documents and many companies still prefer to receive hard copies of invoices.


What changed is that you might not necessarily be at your desktop computer when you realize the need to print something. Apple makes it easy to print from iPad or iPhone via AirPrint. If you have an AirPrint printer, you can print wirelessly from your iPad, iPhone 3GS or the later and iPod touch.


Now, go to this Apple support page first and see if your printer is listed as one of the compatible devices.


How to Pint from iOS with AirPrint

1. Make sure your printer is connected to the same network as your iOS device or Mac.

2. Choose whatever you want to print in Mail, Safari, Notes, Photos or any of the other apps that have the arrow sharing icon bottom left. Hit that arrow and select Print.

3. Make sure your AirPrint printer is displayed in the Printer area. Then, select the printer.

4. Choose the number of copies and hit Print.
Print Notes from iPhone


5. View or cancel your print job (Optional). While printing, you can watch your print jobs or cancel them through the App Switcher. Just double-click the Home button and tap the printer icon.


With AirPrint, you can print email, email attachment, maps, notes, photos, PDFs, Word documents and even other data from third-party apps, such as Apple's iWork apps, Evernote, iAnnotate PDF, Instapaper, Todo, and many more.


However, while using these features on iOS devices excitedly, some users found that they cannot print text messages and contacts with AirPrint, let alone print all of them into one paper.


Don't worry! If you are in the same situation, the articles How to Print Text Message from iPhone and How to Print Contacts from iPhone will give you a hand. By following these two articles, you can not only print text messages or contacts from your iPhone, but also you are allowed to print all of them into one paper for easy reading.


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