Windows 10
Taskbar on Windows 10

Sep 19 , 2018

4 Ways to Fix Windows 10 Taskbar Missing

“I cannot find my taskbar when I start up my computer, how to solve that?” “After I finished the Windows 10 upgrade, the taskbar just disappears in the desktop. Wher...

Uncheck Auto Hide the Taskbar on Windows 10

Sep 17 , 2018

Windows 10/8/7 Taskbar Always on Top, How to Keep or Disable It?

Taskbar can be quite convenient for us to launch applications whenever we need. But sometimes we may want to hide it for full-screen play or just for larger screen space. Whether to k...

Enable Dark Mode on Windows 10

Sep 03 , 2018

The Ultimate Guide to Enable Dark Theme on Windows 10/8/7

In this April’s update, Windows 10 added the new Dark Mode setting, while some desktop applications are not affected by that mode. File Explorer, for example, still remains the ...

Windows Language Settings

Aug 13 , 2018

Cannot Change Display Language on Windows 10, How to Change?

Some Windows users report that they cannot change the system language on their Windows 10. Have you met the same problem on your Windows 10? Actually, Windows 10 has its default langu...

OneDirve Files

Jan 27 , 2018

10 Tips to Make the Extra Space of OneDrive for Microsoft's 2016 Storage Reductions

OneDrive is a cloud storage service provided by Microsoft that you can use on your computer and mobile devices. Just move or create a document on OneDrive, then you can access them wh...

Back up Using File History

Jan 28 , 2016

How to Make a Full Backup of Windows 10

It is always good to have backup. Backup can prevent from losing any important files.  Windows 10 enables users to make full backup in simple way, do you know how to do that?   ...

Windows 10 Facial Recognition

Jan 10 , 2016

How to Use Windows Hello

Competitions between company and company are more and more fierce. Not only Apple Inc. but also Microsoft wants to develop more powerful and surprising features to win its customers. ...

Online Tablet Share Trending

Dec 15 , 2015

Microsoft Surface 10 Beats Apple iPad in Sales

Like iPod was sold across the MP3 player market few years ago, Apple iPad seems to win a place as the tablet markets. However, Microsoft beats Apple iPad in sales of Surface in Octobe...

Windows 10

Aug 06 , 2015

Windows 10 Vs Windows 8 Vs Windows 7: Should You Upgrade

Most individuals who are using Windows 7, Windows 8 or Windows 8.1 have received Microsoft’s “Get Windows 10” advertisement, asking you to “reserve” your free ...

Windows 10 Upgrade error

Aug 03 , 2015

Review: Windows 10 Bugs & Issues

Windows 10 launched on July 29th and has already been downloaded over 67 million times this morning. While Windows 10 got mostly good reviews from the media and the general public, mo...

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